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    2nd IED nerf!?!


      Are you f*ing kidding me?  There were perks that already protected against IEDs and you nerf it again, so even if someone ducks or jumps into the ied, they still take partial damage.  WTF IW? That is what Blast Shield and SitRep are for.  You pretty much just made two perks useless with your recent nerf.  What's next?  Reducing damage on all explosives, because people are going to start overusing them?  You have practically nerfed snipers at the same time, because now they really have no defense. You might as well run two motion sensors now because that is what IEDs are now.  All they can really do is let you know someone is coming. You bent in to the pressure of the community, even though they were wrong. So now, someone drops an IED on the ground, and someone comes by and ducks on top of it, reduced damage.  Someone places an IED on the ceiling, and someone comes by and jumps into it, reduced damage.  This is a pathetic move in which you give the non-ied community a hell of an advantage over those who would spend three points of their perks to carry two ieds when they could have been negated with one two point perk.  And I know I am going to get a lot of crap from the crybaby sissypants who think they were OP, but the only thing left, when people keep dying and complaining about them, is to remove them all together, along with the sniper class.  Thanks for unbalancing the game even more due to the pressure from idiots who don't know how to avoid them.  And no, I didn't whine about getting killed by them, because I used them, and fair play is fair play.

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