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    Can't find any matches at all. R.I.P. Ghosts. You won't be missed. PS3 has died. On to Xbox One.

      Was playing Ghosts and noticed that I can't find anyone playing Free For All anymore.

      Results always showed 1 game and it would never connect to it.

      Players would just back out so it would get stuck searching forever.

      I guess everyone is rage quitting Ghosts forever or moving on to new consoles.

      Last night I was looking for a match and my PS3 froze.

      Never would turn back on.

      Threw the PSFREEZE away.

      Getting an Xbox One in June when it is $400.


      Just for fun I took my PS3 apart and it is cheaply made.

      Crap system that always freezes and loses connection to PSN on B/G wifi.


      I won't be buying anymore COD games either. Same thing next year.

      Everyone will be posting on these forums about how bad Advanced Warfare is and how Ghosts is better.

      In reality they both are terrible games. Save your money for better games that are coming.


      COD is dead. Now if only Acitvision would put a bullet in the zombies skull.

      Guess we will have to be the ones to pull the trigger and not buy the next game.

      All good things come to an end and all bad things must be buried 6 feet deep.