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    So let me get this straight about IED's....

      With the recent "fix" we got you can now jump, crouch AND lay down to lessen the damage from an EXPLOSION.


      Let's look at this LOGICALLY.


      Player A places an IED on the floor of a building. Player B runs into the building and hears IED. Player B then LAYS DOWN ON TOP OF IED and it blows up. Player B now takes REDUCED DAMAGE FROM LAYING ON IT.


      Another scenario. Player A places IED above the door frame. Player B rushes in again. Player B hears IED beep and JUMPS NEXT TO IED AND IT BLOWS UP NEXT TO HIS HEAD AND HE TAKES REDUCED DAMAGE.


      Are you guys REALLY serious? This just shows how pathetic and whiny these little babies are when they get killed by something that doesn't fit with how they play, and also reflects on how poor of a development team IW is.


      Why not just take out ALL explosions now? In core modes, all explosions are laughable at best, and even in HC now people are living with explosions right at their feet without even wearing blast shield.

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