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    Black Flag Beast now Recruiting No Special Requirements

      Clan Name: Black Flag Beast

      Commander: EveOfTheEnd33

      Lt. Commander (PS3): Battlechaser1

      Lt. Commander (PS4): Kingibezz

      Lt. Commander (XBOX360): ?

      Lt. Commander (XBOX1): ?

      Are you tired of trying to get into top level clans due to restrictions or your k/d just isnt high enough, or there are only a couple available spots open in that clan well here at Black Flag Beast we have no restrictions on who joins because to us its all about brotherhood and just plain having fun, and dominating the battlefield. Black Flag Beast is a brand new clan looking for brand new or experienced clan members, to us its far more of a challenge to build a clan up from the ground up and thats exactly what we intend to do I don't believe in joining ready made clans whom already have the gold or red clan tag, the victory is so much sweeter when you earn it yourself. Right now there are no special requirements to join this clan we are fun and laid back, we do compete during clan wars so we do ask that you are atleast active on those days that the clan wars take place. There are females in the clan so no fighting with them or amongst your other teamates. We are also looking to branch out across other platforms aswell, still searching for an xbox360 and xbox1 Lt. Commanders.


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