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    Call of Duty is DEAD why because they don't listen to the community?

      Every day I am here and stuck being forced to be jumped in a game with idiots and scrubs that can't shoot and has to camp for things they can't do.  I am being unchallenged by these kids who camps maps      because the DAM GAME would always send me into a game that's loosing or almost done to the point where I just don't want to play anymore.


      Fix the DAM Game and listen to your community and fans you're not making the any better by listening to people who cries about how bad the gun in the game is or how bad the maps are.

      The maps are great it's just how people plays the game which is camping you need a point system on that to where people are just sitting around which doesn't count into the full credit 100points or 150points just for sitting in one spot it should be 50points or 75points for just sitting around this needs to change for campers



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