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    Need PSN Egg Team

      Veteran player here since BLOPS2 release and own all content but have not been fortunate enough to find anyone mature/knowledgeable/capable of helping me complete ANY easter eggs..not even for the ones that only require 2p.

      I have reached final steps for Richtofen's side of the eggs on both Tranzit and Buried but players have quit both times before completion. I also know how to get free blunder gat, make acid gat, get blue tomohawk, and get golden spork for MOB but do not know how to do pop goes the weasel.


      I am looking for 3 other PSN users that have the same desire to complete or help me complete...if not just one would at least be nice so i can get tranzit done 2 player..lol


      You guys really have no idea how desperate I am at this point..have been attempting off and on for over a year and it sucks.

      If you can help me please reply to this topic or add me on PSN. My ID is iTzVeFe.


      I do have a microphone and plenty of free time..please be the same!

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          Re: Need PSN Egg Team

          Add RGCAG22 I know the steps to every Easter egg I've done tranzit a lot of times. I'm an adult ,I'm in PST time zone,I have a mic and a full bank I'll be online this weekend at night 

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