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    DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

           First off, waste an attachment I don't care. That being said why do people think that the armor-piercing attachment increases your damage against other players? IT DOESN'T! That little green bar applied to the damage bar is the extra damage you would do against enemy vehicles. stop thinking it applies more damage against players.

           Now to the controversial part, Submachine Guns. I'm not complaining, I'm just sayin. Some will agree and disagree with me and I know guns aren't created equally. I know they just nerfd the bison and cbj but why stop there. Most of the sub-guns are op and ridiculous with the range/damage ratio. what I'm saying is overall most have to much range with the damage they have. yet on top of that you can put a muzzle brake on it increasing the range a good bit. I've seen and have pulled off shots that should be out of a 5-8 bullet kill range when it actually kills you in 5-8 bullets(without muzzle brake) where that you think you would be shooting a AR and be getting hit by a AR. The range on most should be dropped. I'm not a hater on sub-guns I use them, I use everything its just there needs to be more balance. Feel free to respond!

           End Rant...

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