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        30. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

        I have played the game just as much as you or any of them as well to know what it does. It does not just ignore the vest nor does it bump up the caliber of the round to something higher so less damage drops off when firing through the wall.


        The ap round is exactly the same as the fmj round of past games. Which did the exact same things it does in this game. It does not just ignore the vest as if it was not there, the damage is increased to make the vest non usefull. It adds damage to the round when firing through a wall but not directly to a person for ap rounds by definition do not do more damage to a person to begin with even in the real world. They actually do less damage to a person than a normal round does because it penetrates at a faster rate, causing a smaller hole and less damage to the tissue.


        What a ap round does in increase the penetration damage of a round, not the overall base damage of a round. It allows it to shoot through armored targets allowing more base damage to hit the target past the armor/wall. It is not just ignoring it as if it was not even there.


        Every round has a penetration damage amount, the damage it can do when firing through objects, and its base damage which is what it does when not firing through objects. the ap round increases the penetration damage allowing more of the base damage to get through. So in a sense it does increase the damage, just not the base damage as some like to think.


        Which is why people use it when  wall banging, and shooting at any streak for it damages all streaks more and kills them faster because more of the base damage is making it through the armor of the object being hit.


        The stat bars of this game pn every gun and what each attachment does have never been accurate and are always misleading to what things do.


        muzzle brake does not increase damage either, just changes the damage fall off rate to where more damage is done over longer distance. Yet it says by the bar it does more damage.


        The game developers have been notorious for not ever really giving a detailed information about each gun and what each attachment really does when equipped to the gun. Which always leads to misunderstanding of what they do.

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          31. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

          trialstardragon wrote:



          Toward the rest, why are you complaining about it if is wasted attachment. You should be happy they are wasting one giving you an advantage. The fact that you had to point out it does not add damage, and only is effective against vehicles as you claimed means you probably used the items it was effective against and don't like the players that used it killing your things easier. Otherwise you would not care if the other players used it or not.


          The fact you ranted about it means it was doing something you don't like, not just how players where using it. For a smart player would not complain about if the entire enemy team was using it, for it meant they wasted a possible perk for that attachment giving the smart player the advantage if that player did not use the items the ap round was designed to counter.




          you must not understand  my post... please quit saying **** like mentioned up above......because I was so complaining about players using it against me(sarcasm).....last time, it was about players using it thinking it does more damage to players directly

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            32. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

            thank you LVLikeG

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              33. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

              Again why should it matter to you, you should be happy they are making that mistake then. If they are foolish enough to make that mistake then let them until they learn otherwise. Not really needed for you or anyone to teach them differently.

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                34. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                You're still wrong.  The Armor Piercing attachment has 3 capabilities. 


                1. It increases bullet penetration.  The bullets in CoD are designed to lose damage as they penetrate through surfaces.  The damage they lose is calculated by the type of surface and the distance the bullet travels through the surface.  AP rounds increase penetration which means the bullet is subjected to lower damage drop off rates than it would be without AP rounds.  For example, a non ap bullet may receive a 0.5x multiplier when going through a certain wall at a certain angle.  In the exact same scenario, an AP round may only have a 0.75x.  The damage is not increased.  The amount of damage drop off is simply decreased.  The bullet does not hit a wall and suddenly gain more damage. 


                2. It completely negates ballistic vests.  This is evident by the fact that the guns all kill at their normal speeds and a ballistic vest emblem doesn't even pop up when AP rounds are used.  If the damage was just being increased, then the emblem would still pop up. 


                3. It does extra damage against streaks.  The extra damage includes shooting the juggernaut.  The juggernaut emblem pops up when shooting it with AP rounds because of the fact that the damage is only increased.  It does not negate the juggernaut as it does with ballistic vests.

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                  35. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.


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                    36. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                    1. correct is increases the penetration damage, not really subject to lower damage drop of rates, for that really only is taken in consideration with overall distance between gun and target. Changing the multiplier does change the damage for all rounds have damage multipliers being added to them when hitting different things. No it does not gain more damage, but it looses less damage when penetrating the wall or object. but to the average person that is thought as of increased damage. which is why it is shown as such on the stat bars. For more damage is passing through than would have normally without the ap round.


                    A 45 damage round passing through a wall may do only 30 or less when normal round but may still do 40 when passing through that same wall with ap. So to the average player that is increased damage.


                    Again blame it on the devs and how they present the information to the players.


                    2. incorrect it does not just ignore it, just because the emblem does not show up does it mean that it was just ignored completed as if was not there. The emblem only shows up when the vest actually is deflecting damage, which with the ap around it cannot so the emblem does not show up because the penetration damage was increased allowing it to pass through the vest as if not there. But that does not mean it was just ignored. The changed damage multiplier cancels out the damage threshold of the bv allowing full damage to pass through it. None deflected, so no emblem. Not just totally ignored as if the player was not even wearing one.


                    The game does not go.. oh wait this player is using ap rounds.. and that player has a vest.. but wait because of the ap round.. nah.. he is not wearing a vest anymore...


                    it goes,, player a is using ap round.. player b has vest.. players a penetration multiplier is high enough to pass through vest with none deflected, so no emblem needs to be shown. It cancels out the vest, it does not just ignore it. the ap damage multiplier is equal to the damage threshold multiplier on the vest.


                    It does not just go ap round =no vest at all.. it still does all the damage calculations just the ap penetration value and the bv dt value cancel each other out. And the bv emblem only shows up if the bv was able to deflect any damage at all. Which since it was not able to the game does not show it.


                    3, correct it increases the penetration damage to the jugger and maniac and all other streaks allowing more base damage to make it through. The juggers armor has stronger damage threshold than just a bv which is why it still shows the jugger emblem because not all damage is making it through, the jugger armor is still deflecting some of it.

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                      37. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                      1.  You're right that many players will see that as damage increase just as they would with the muzzle break, but damage is not actually increasing in either case.


                      2. There is no damage increase and it has nothing to do with penetration.  An AP pistol will not penetrate as much as a non AP LMG.  However, the pistol shoots right through the vest.  It is coded into the game that ballistic vests do not absorb any damage from AP rounds.  It as if the player isn't even wearing the vest.  It completely negates all effects of it.

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                        38. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                        2. of course it will not penetrate as much since is lower damage round. even with ap the damage decreases enough that it cannot pass through all objects because of that objects damage threshold. Shooting a wall is different then shooting a vest. Different walls have different damage thresholds which affect how far each gun can shoot through them. The bv has one value which all weapons can shoot through regardless if ap or not, just with ap the max value passes through because the ap modifier cancels out the bv dt, not just ignores it.


                        ever played fallout and shoot someone with armor with a non ap round... you get the little shield icon.. ever shot them with an ap round of same weapon, it shows a broken shield. for the damage was high enough to break or pass through the armor. CoD basically does the same just does not show it. they never made an ap round emblem to let players know when they where hit with an ap round and it broke their bv.

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                          39. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                          No non AP weapon can shoot through the vest.  The vest absorbs the damage up to 150 points and then the player begins taking damage.  The AP rounds go straight through doing full damage as if it wasn't there.  The non AP LMG non only penetrates farther, but carries its maximum damage through more walls than an AP pistol.  With your logic, that would mean it should be more effective against vests than an AP pistol.  AP rounds are coded to be able to travel through ballistic vests with no damage loss every time.  It has nothing to do with penetration ability or damage increase.  It is just a perk the developers added to the attachment to make it more useful.  There is no damage multiplier on the vest.  Look at any source for in depth attachment stats and you will find that AP rounds completely negate the vest.  Test it in a private match and you will come to the same conclusion.  Here's another source from CoD wiki


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