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        40. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

        wiki's are known not to be 100% accurate it what is said in them and are not even acceptable in most colleges as a resource for writing a paper. so to take what that wiki says as proof is not wise. Unless a developer themself comes and says it just ignores it there is no real proof one way or another. personal tests do not equate to 100% factual proof either. For the player cannot see the coding behind what is happening to know the real reason something happened or did not and only really assumes what they see as true and accurate.

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          41. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

          We're not writing an essay.  If you want to believe that there is a mysterious multiplier on the vests, then that is fine.  It is clearly dis-proven by the fact that vests take damage first.  That has been proven in many tests.  If there were a multiplier involved, then the vest would have to be taking damage as the player is because all bullets would be going through.  That is clearly not the case.  The developers aren't always needed to prove something. 

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            42. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

            Subs are 5 to 8 bullets to kill at range and ARs are 3 to 5 but most kill in 4.  ARs are more accurate than Subs overall. So ARs are better at range.  Problem solved.

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              43. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

              And those that do personal tests like to assume and then tell others that they are correct and the only possible way it can be without really knowing either.

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                44. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                We do know.  The tests prove there is no multiplier which can only mean that vests have no effect on AP rounds.

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                  45. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                  No you do not know with out actually looking at the game code itself. You assume you know but really do not. For with out hard factual evidence which really can only be gained from the game code itself all tests done by players is circumstantial evidence at best.

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                    46. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                    So in that case all scientific evidence of anything is irrelevant because no one would know for sure until they contact "The Creator."  Sorry, but that's not how things work.  If you can duplicate tests with variables removed and get the same results, then you have found the answer.

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                      47. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                      That is not true in all situations and only a fool ever thinks it is. And a lot of scientific evidence has been proven wrong over time. Yet the scientists of that time believed it was 100% correct and could not be wrong. Just because players remove certain variables and try to have a controlled test does not mean they actually do know the true answer. Only the developers of the game really know the truth and they are not ever going to really say which is true.


                      Scientific testing is not fool proof by any means. It does not always give the correct answer just because x,y,z was controlled and the variable a,b,c where changed giving result d each time.


                      How many was can someone get the number one? Infinite, meaning there is no one true answer and this applies to any scientific test where the final answer is not known but only being guess at by the information being obtained through the tests.


                      Science once believed nothing can move faster than light.. and though it had been proven as such and irrefutable. Yet they were proven wrong. So all the scientific testing of that time that said other wise was wrong. Proving that it is not an infallible measure or means to find an answer and thus yes all information gained by that means is circumspect.


                      So even if 1000000 players did the same test it would not make it the true answer just because all got the same results.

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                        48. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                        How does how many ways you can get the number one have anything to do with proving that ballistic vests don't stop AP rounds?  You leave out the key fact that scientific advancement is limited by the technology at the time.  We have all the technology we need to find in game weapon statistics.  It's foolish to say that a test that is duplicated 1,000,000 times in a Call of Duty game and yields the same result is not true.  It is a closed environment that is controlled by coding.


                        You keep insisting that everyone else is wrong without providing any evidence.  You made up a reason why AP rounds kill vest users quickly and you were wrong about it.  Now you've resorted to ranting about scientific testing.  Maybe 100 years from now someone will get back on CoD Ghosts and prove me wrong. 

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                          49. Re: DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

                          It is not foolish for even 10,000,000 would not mean the true answer was found. None of the tests are absolute no matter how much any player tries to claim they are no matter if it is a closed environment or not. the answer is being assumed as found, so when stated and then said was proven by x number of tests most fools believe it and do not question it because they are taught to believe that it has to be true because x number of tests said so. When that does not make it true at all.


                          Short of seeing the game code itself no-one can claim they know the truth about how the game works at all entirely on any level. Anyone that does including me is a fool to believe so.


                          We are all just making guesses based upon our experience with the game and other games and with what ever types of tests we try to try and prove it to our-self and others. When really we do not know.


                          No-one but the developers truly know. and that goes for everything anywhere. Without seeing the inner workings no-one can truly claim anything about anything.

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