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    Forum friend requests!

      You don't have to do this, and I know many on this forum are already friends, but if everyone would like to post their gamer tag and console/s so that we can all play together/help each other it would be great! I think this would be good as well in terms of team-building.


      My gamer tag: Chill xo

      Console: Xbox 360

      Location: Australia

      PB's: Top 50 player, world-record holder


      If you are fine putting your location please do in terms of connection issues with overseas and far away locations, then we can all know who we want as friends or not (if you're worried about privacy it's fine, don't put it).

      This is not a skill requirement discussion but if you would like to post your Extinction 'skill' (as in leaderboards, escapes, general team player etc) and discuss this amongst yourselves feel free!



      If you are in need of players at a certain time, or want to accomplish a certain game or achievement, I recommend posting here:

      In need of players? Post here!

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          1. Re: Forum friend requests!

          My gamer tag: R0XSTAR UK (with a zero and not an O)

          Console: Xbox 360

          Location: UK


          I've all the Extinction achievements, never really look at the leaderboards but as I've only played about 20 or 30 games I don't expect anything impressive up there

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            2. Re: Forum friend requests!





            Xbox 360

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              3. Re: Forum friend requests!



              My gamer tag: choniwaka

              Console: Xbox One

              Location: Galician

              PB's: Rank 8 on Mayday solo, 34 Mayday coop.


              Im look 4 players to play in ONE, speak spanish perfectly and enought english to play extinction.

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                4. Re: Forum friend requests!

                My gamer tag: Medrano911

                Console: Xbox 360

                Location: United States

                I am pretty sure I have escaped at least somewhere between 44 to 46 times, I haven't been online for awhile but I do throw down team support religiously.

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                  5. Re: Forum friend requests!

                  PSN: MidnightSpecial4

                  Console: PS3

                  Location: BC, Canada


                  I play Extinction and MP so i'm not an Extinction all the time but I'd love some good players to play with. I've beat POC and Mayday but not NightFall .

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                    6. Re: Forum friend requests!

                    I'm not one for looking at the leaderboard either. I only look at the one for Victories, because I like to make sure mine go up (I noticed a few games since the patch in Custom, where they didn't add to the leaderboard). Although yesterday I did also check the leaderboard for the "Downed" section, but that was because I was annoyed that I got downed and wanted to see how many I had this week and month (3 this week, over 40 games). Can't remember what it was for monthly, I think 16 out of 161 games.



                    People assume that I am a Leaderboard whore, and race to try beat people on it etc. Which I do not. I play for fun, laughs and giggles etc. If I become a new rank on the leaderboard, then cool. But no bigggy for me either way.






                    Gamertag: NOT YOU 87

                    Console: Xbox 360

                    Country: England

                    Mic is always preferred but if you can hear me/us then that too is fine.

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                      7. Re: Forum friend requests!

                      spudchucker 22





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                        8. Re: Forum friend requests!

                        My gamer tag: IlI Retro IlI

                        Console: Xbox 360

                        Location: UK


                        50 completed missions to date, across all the current episodes, both solo and co-op. I always attempt challenges. I play for fun and the banter between team mates. I'll happily run support for anyone attempting 5 relic runs. I'll never be troubling the top of any leaderboards but realise that some enjoy the competition. I am usually on quite late at night, from approx 10pm onwards. I am sometimes on during the afternoon, depending on my (freelance) workload. See you online.

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                          9. Re: Forum friend requests!


                          PS3, soon to be PS4 as well

                          USA, Oklahoma!

                          Play a lot but, kinda high on leaderboards but nothing that impressive.

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