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    Julys Very Own | Xbox 360 Clan

      Hey everyone,


      Julys Very Own is an Xbox 360 clan. A lot of us dropped in February because of busy schedules. A lot of us were college students and had part-time jobs. However, I never left the clan so our unlocks and achievements are still there. We are a LEVEL 18 clan, and looking for tons of people to compete in the next clan wars. I personally would like to be at the 50+ members range. That way every time you're on, you're not relying on pubs to help. If interested, message (iceNmyViens) on Xbox Live and submit an application through the Call of Duty Ghosts app. I believe if you search "Julys Very Own" on the COD app, the clan should pop right up. If you message me, please mention your k/d, age, and if you have a mic or not. I created a clan website a while ago; just no one ever used it. If you have any questions about joining, go here --> [JvO] Clan - Join [jVo]


      Thanks everyone,