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    fix online lag issues

      so i joined a lobby and was getting lagged around the map but will infinity ward or activision

      sort this, (answer) no because they have already made over 1 billion in sales so its basically F******

      ghosts players we will make a new game now and not sort the game for the people that have bought about every game they have released


      basically activision and infinity ward sort the lag

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          1. Re: fix online lag issues

          I suspect they are just using Ghost as an experiment now. Its just that bad. Make sure you remember this next time Inferior ward release a game. I know I will and I will spread the message too.

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            2. Re: fix online lag issues

            They cannot ever completely fix lag ever and never will be able too. All online games have lag, even dedicated server games have lag. If its played online it will have lag to one degree or another no matter what. No online games are lag free and never will be.

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              3. Re: fix online lag issues

              That may be true, but they sure as hell can  do better, than this i hope.

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                4. Re: fix online lag issues


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                  5. Re: fix online lag issues

                  All they need to do is use the netcode from either MW2 or World at War. As bad as MW2 was the ONLY thing that I feel it got right was hit detection and lag compensation. Those 2 games are heads and shoulders above the past 3 games in online network coding that it's not even funny.

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                    6. Re: fix online lag issues

                    They may not be able to eliminate lag, but they sure can minimize it with better matchmaking, dedicated servers, lag comp and net coding...

                    Last Edited: May 17, 2014 6:39 AM
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                      7. Re: fix online lag issues

                      Today I saw no lag. I just woke up, and went outside.

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                        8. Re: fix online lag issues

                        Not true, for dedicated servers can have just as much lag as non dedicated servers. Dedicated servers do not minimize lag ever, they do not remove lag ever plus they would need to code in a server browser to allow players to chose the server to play on; something they are not going to do for this game at this point in time no matter how much people cry about it. The lag comp will never be perfect for it cannot adjust for everyone's type of connection and line stability perfectly ever; so there will always be wtf moments in the game for people. Its not the net coding, its the so many different ways people now play games online from cable, dsl, wifi, 3g, and 4g phone connections; something they have no control over and never will. They cannot force players to only play on one connection type ever.  Matchmaking in general is not the problem it is host selection and then match making to that host. The game does not always choose the best host and never will because it uses quick checks to decide who is host, and who is chosen may meet the minimum requirements but not really be good enough to be host in the end. They wont use region locking because of how it limits games to players in far off locations.


                        So no it is not ever going to get as good as some players think it should or could or would ever. Until the entire world runs on fibre optic and perfectly stable lines, or everyone lives in one large building with nothing but lan connections to everyone it will never be as good as some players want. That is the nature of the beast of fast pace paced internet games like fps games.

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                          9. Re: fix online lag issues

                          That wont fix the problem. It is not the coding that is the problem. There are a lot more players online than back then, most isp have not upgraded the quality of the connections to everyone, the infrastructure of the web is not keeping up with the demand in all area's so there would still be gross amounts of lag and wtf moments for players living in those area's.


                          That is not entirely true, the difference in those games is how they showed the lag, not how the handled the lag. Take off your rose collored glasses and stop remembering only the good things about the game and the good matches you had. I played each of those games too and they had bad lag for me and bad hit detection at times. Worse than what Ghost/BO2/BO/MW3 has ever had.


                          No online game can or ever will be anywhere near perfect or good for everyone everywhere all the time ever.

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