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    Glad the grenade turret is weakened

      I've played extinction with the engineer/grenade turret load out for a long time, way before it caught on with everyone and it was fun at first but after a while it got boring and made the game far too easy.  it was a dumb weapon that anybody could use, all you had to do was shoot anywhere on the map or the floor if you got crowded, it took no skill to use whatsoever.  i don't know if grenade turret users have tried playing a game without the turret in a lobby where 2 or 3 other guys are using it but it is a terrible experience.  I'm enjoying the game playing with guns in lobbies where everybody is using guns and working as a team.  instead of crying because your no skill turret is weakened, try playing the game the way it is meant to be played


      but if you insist on playing the game with a turret, give the portable turret a go with weapon specialist.  don't be scared because it takes more skill

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          1. Re: Glad the grenade turret is weakened

          I agree it was way overpowered. I wanted to do Mayday 5 relics so a friend of mine told me to try the grenade turret. We finished but it was crazy overpowered. I'm never toughing it again, it takes away any point of a challenge and makes extinction boring. It basically made it zombies. You sit, they come, you kill, rinse and repeat. Screw that. Use a gun you never use, run around, and try not to die. Way more fun.

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            2. Re: Glad the grenade turret is weakened

            At last, some one with a sensible point about the god damn GT. Play with guns and enjoy the experience

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              3. Re: Glad the grenade turret is weakened

              The ones who are more upset about the nerf is the people who get high scores on the leaderboards. it takes skill to get a lot of score, have you reached 500k on point of contact? and solo games, the reason some people are annoyed is because it is a major part in the way they get the score system and high scores for leaderboards. obviously your point of views is for fun, yes we may do something else for fun too but for high scores the grenade turret was needed. just saying

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                4. Re: Glad the grenade turret is weakened

                It takes more skill to get high score using guns instead of turrets. 436k on POC without using GT or PT. Try it you my enjoy the experience

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                  5. Re: Glad the grenade turret is weakened

                  I've gotten 450ish on PoC without ever touching that turret. I don't go for score, I play for fun. People that only care about score need to get off this game and have a life. If we're lucky those players will have barely stepped outside ever before, spontaneously combust, and forever burn, ridding the world of the trash that fills games these days.

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                    6. Re: Glad the grenade turret is weakened

                    my point excactly, you are saying 450ish where the record for 360 without hackers is 524,106 - my point is that really great players get these scores with it, its not easy to get that high of a score. its a lot of skill and effort to get that high. what might not be fun for you is fun for others. people who aim high on leaderboards, CARE about the leaderboards, they don't care if its no fun during the game, its a personal achievement being in the top 10 or top 100 or even the top 1000 for some. these little things matter to them more than saying like 20,000 people, I escaped 5 relics. now try and understand how they feel that they cant get new scores. whereas yourselves can always improve where they cannot!

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                      7. Re: Glad the grenade turret is weakened

                      I know lets set up 2 leader boards one for GT users and one for proper gamers lmfao

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                        8. Re: Glad the grenade turret is weakened

                        you call yourself a proper gamer. you cant define a proper gamer because their are different kinds of gamers. ones who care about fun, leaderboards, escapes. you can shut your sarcasm, im really getting sick of you Spud!


                        surposed to be a community? all I see is good people and then the B*** S*** of an excuse of players

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                          9. Re: Glad the grenade turret is weakened

                          I've escaped on all maps, all 5 relics, solo and co-op, 112 escapes currently, all current teeth unlocks, In hundreds on several leaderboards, and thousands in each other one. I play, I'm definitely good, but not nearly the best. I have nothing else to do but try to get higher on leaderboards. Do I do it? NO. I actually spend time outside and in the world. I have adult responsibilities and I won't shy them for some dumb game. Because there's no point. Just play the game with free time. If someone has like 475k score and if getting it to 476k is a "reward" for playing with no skill, they need to reach down, pull the controller out their virgin a**, and go outside and interact with the world. Leaderboards won't get you sh** in life.

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