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    CoD App: What is in store for AW?

      First off, I want to express my displeasure with the current Call of Duty App. I have an iPhone 5, safe to say one of the most commonly used devices and IOS out there. As of right now, the App's functionality is significantly limited, and I have found it to be predominantly useless to me.  The App STILL doesn't recognize the DLC weapons, and since a DLC weapon is considered my "Most Used", lists that weapon as WEAPON.IW6_DLCWEAP01. I have advised them of this, still no change. My Create a Class still doesn't work (it's never worked well, but at least it used to work somewhat). I can't even scroll through my squad members at this point.  And beyond Clan Wars (when the App breaks regularly), I have not found a real use for the App as it currently stands.


      So what can we expect moving forward? Do we still even need an App?


      I think the App CAN be a good tool, so I'd like to express my thoughts on what I'D like to see in AW's App. Please feel free to agree or disagree with me and tell me your thoughts down below.


      First of all... Beachhead Studios needs to go. They have had their chance and they continue to disappoint. The current App is based around Clans and Clan Wars... and yet the App repeatedly crashes during...wait for it... Clan Wars. The incompetence is a pattern, and a new, hungry and competent developer needs to be brought in.


      Here is what I think a CoD App should have, in no particular order-

      Stat Tracking-  Elite was great for this. You could keep track of your past several games, see how you were doing with each weapon, follow challenges. I would often go on Elite after play sessions and see patterns in how I had played that night. I truly believe it helped my game, plus it was just great for seeing my strengths and weaknesses.

      Create-A-Class- It is nice to be able to go in and set up a class when not at the box. If added, however, it should work just like it does in game. Players should be able to unlock new items and equip them accordingly, as well as effectively save to the game environment.

      Clan Management- I don't run a clan and barely am involved in mine... but important to those who do.

      Map Analysis- The MW3 Elite App had a great section with detailed information about each map. It gave detailed maps, and even had video walkthroughs. Would love to see a section that educated players on maps and gamemodes and even effective use of weapons, equipment, and streaks.

      Web Based- I miss the ability to use the APP on the Web. Bring back the ability to view the app as a Web Page. While they should be able to create effective and usable Apps for mobile devices, the ability to access via the Web makes the App convenient to all users, and is just plain easier to use than most touch-screen interfaces.


      Your thoughts? Did I miss anything?