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    I'm finding FFA a nice change when playing solo...

      I've tried FFA for the first time in aaaages on CoD... always used to play HCFFA in WaW and BO, but always hated Core so never bothered since.


      I'm enjoying it a lot... not many people camping... but I have noticed that one SatCom gives a full radar sweep, so Off The Grid together with silencer are vital for me.


      I'd like to know your class set-up if you are a FFA player... my current class is:


      AK12 with silencer and extended mags

      Blind Eye, Dead Silence, Off The Grid, Amplify and Blast Shield. (Yes, I'm a sound whore!!)


      Using streaks: SatCom, Dog and Hind.

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          Re: I'm finding FFA a nice change when playing solo...

          I've played a lot of FFA in this game previously, leaderboard rankings basically only tell how much you've played but i think i used to in the top 100 while i was still active with the game, so I've played quite a lot. My favorite set-up was the following:


          Honey Badger + Ext.mags + Grip

          Stalker+Sit Rep+Focus+Dead Silence+Amplify

          Guard Dog+Sentry Gun+Battle Hind


          I also used the shotguns pretty often on maps like Tremor and Sovereign for example, but in my opinion the AR's are the best weapons for pretty much any map in this game.


          I don't feel like i need to use off the grid, if a portion of the enemies know where i am, so be it. I'm usually patrolling an area anyway so having them come to me is a good thing. There are time when blind eye could've been useful. but often enough i was the guy calling in the choppers so i didn't feel like i needed it. I would also prefer Sit Rep over Blast Shield, i don't get any cover from the explosives but i know exactly where they are, which often enough also helps you in finding the passive players.


          If you like to use Sat Coms, and you feel like the enemy does too, try using Wire Tap so you can get even more radar coverage.

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              Re: I'm finding FFA a nice change when playing solo...

              Some good stuff there, cheers

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                Re: I'm finding FFA a nice change when playing solo...

                Dude, can't thank you enough for suggesting Wire Tap!!! What an awesome perk!!! I've had the VSAT effect loads of times because if it. And I've gone with Sit Rep instead of Blast Sheild like you said, and dropped Blind Eye.


                Since making this thread, I've changed my set-up (almost) completely and I'm ripping it up in most FFA matches now...


                I alternate between AK12 silencer and ext. mags, FAD grip and silencer, Honey Badger grip and ext mags and MSBS red dot sight with silencer. (Depending on the map.)


                Perks are now Dead Silence and Amplify still... but now Wire Tap with Sit Rep and Agility.


                I've ditched lethal streaks for Specialist and I f'ing love it!! Using Sleight of Hand at 3, Scavenger at 6 and the bonus at 8 to get me Dead Eye and Off The Grid.


                Honestly, since changing the set-up I've played nothing but FFA Such a refreshing change from annoying team-mates

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                    Re: I'm finding FFA a nice change when playing solo...

                    You are welcome. FFA is pretty good in Ghosts, the pace isn't too chaotic to my liking and although there are some bad spawns and come spawn camping is possible, it's much much better than in BO2 for example where spawn killing was way too easy and people spawned on top of each other constantly due to the maps being too small.


                    Perks are a matter of personal preference and obviously some of them support certain playstyles and game modes better than others. I don't play by radar in this game so i usually don't use wire tap or sat coms at all, but i have experimented with them and the VSAT-effect is pretty nice. Dead silence and focus are the two perks in this game i really do not like playing without, and stalker is a must have for me if i'm using an AR.


                    Support streaks are pretty good in FFA too, i've sometimes used the ammo crate, ballistic vests and oracle and had some nice gun streaks while i'm at it. If i were to use specialist for FFA i would choose something else than sleight of hand, since most of the time you have a chance to reload and you usually only face one enemy at a time, but obviously you should use whatever you feel most comfortable with.


                    The best part about FFA is that most of the time you either win or loose because of your own actions and not due to someone elses (I'm saying most of the time and not always because sometimes unfortunately the connection can play a too big of a role in the outcome, just like in any other game mode).

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                  Re: I'm finding FFA a nice change when playing solo...

                  I didn't start playing FFA until about 4 months in to my time on Ghosts and won my first game 30-4 on Flooded...I was instantly hooked lol I love that the satcom (and as a result, OTG and Wiretap) works there! Makes for some more class/perk variety.


                  I don't play FFA much right now as I'm meeting new people and partying up quite often, but I always go back if I'm getting frustrated with entire teams camping in TDM, and I'm always updating my classes. I'm a Stalker wh0re in team modes but strangely I prefer ready up + quickdraw in FFA with ARs (is that weird?).


                  OTG is a key part of many of my classes and I keep one for every "range" (R5/HB/SMG etc), and if I'm not running assault I'll try to fit Wiretap into my specialist bonus to complement it. I always keep a Blind Eye counter class for those managing to put out aerial streaks (I don't let it happen often hehe), or pair it with AP rounds for people running support and combining ballistic vests + Oracles. Sitrep or Blast Shield are a no brainer too for at least one counter class, but I prefer SR (whereas I like BS in team modes) as people camp independently and many throw down their own equipment, so it can be great for general awareness. Avoiding those pesky IMSes and sentry guns that are feeding bigger streaks is always a bonus.


                  The Ripper should grab everyone's attention in FFA, IMO. It can be used on any map, but more importantly you don't need Stalker (or, to a lesser extent, Quickdraw), which gives you more room to combine good FFA perks, like OTG/Wiretap + Sitrep. Throw in some crutch perks like Dead Silence/Amplify/Focus/SoH etc and you have a great all round specialist class, or add scavenger and you can pump out assault streaks while spotting equipment and streaks AND using/staying off enemies' satcoms.


                  One thing I had a lot of fun with was choosing satcom as my only assault streak, and then Hardline. You get a proper UAV every two kills and you can easily stack your satcoms before the previous one expires. This can really help with the hectic spawns I've yet to combine Wiretap with this hilariously good loadout though. I'll have to try this soon:


                  Ripper, suppressor + grip/ext mags

                  Hardline, Wiretap, DS, Amp, Focus

                  Satcom only


                  OTG + Wiretap seems like a good bet for a specialist variant too, and considering the Ripper already gets a mini version of the expensive Stalker + Quickdraw combo (which also costs 6 perk points) you can build a really solid loadout around that core. Otherwise if you can go without one or the other to start with, it can go into your first specialist unlock slot. If you hate those stale boring games where you're struggling to find anyone, just ignore OTG and roll Wiretap only. They'll see you, you'll see them and it'll be like having an MW3 radar lol that definitely helps liven things up for me when I'm feeling daring and my shot is on.


                  Other than that support is a solid choice, but I personally don't really like throwing down vests or an ammo crate and having to stay in the area to protect/make use of my stuff, as I'm always on the move and hunting for action. Support always works in any situation though, and can really boost you whether you're kicking butt or struggling.


                  Other than that I pick a class suitable for the map (or whatever's going on at the time, like someone wearing vests or IED spam), and take control of a quarter up to one half of that map, depending on the size. Get a few kills working one way, then turn around and check the spawns behind me and repeat. If I'm running assault then I'll put an IMS or sentry down in a chokepoint (often covering each other), and then move into a new area and do the same. If I'm running specialist and get to the point where I've unlocked say, both Quickdraw and OTG, I'll play more aggressive than usual, and try to hit people quiet and fast. If I'm running Wiretap only I might run loud in order to bait people out and let them think I'm oblivious to their approach.


                  Hinds and helo pilots are awesome for both Overlord and Prison Break and I'll regularly killcam with them; Prison Break is probably the most open map in the game (you won't see everyone huddling together in the tower lol), and Overlord typically sees action on the outskirts too thanks to the stretched out spawn points. Prison Break is probably my favourite FFA map (it's not fun countering 6 thermal slugs in TDM on the other hand), and I almost KEM'd it in my third ever FFA despite running assault (just satcoms and dog, which never got a kill), but I got lunge knifed on a 24 while putting down a satcom in a STUPID spot near the truck on the road below the cliff, an area that is littered with spawn points


                  Gonna try again for my first FFA KEM soon. It's not too disappointing missing out though, as the mode itself is so fun and makes a great change

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