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    Leaving Extinction games = losing stuff ?

      So like everyone else i hated "excretion"

      the 1st map wasnt fun & no one liked it save for a few people.

      "2nd (nightfall) was much better,stuff to make stuff to get -the "samantha" angle that has made some people money on uchoob with preposterous theories on samantha (when i doubt COD have a clue yet where the story goes!)

      3RD Mayday-much much better ,lots of stuff,some new weaps,counter weaps,kraken yadda yadda-they clearly heard the fans moaning & acted-kudos etc.....




      Is highly annoying & the reasons seem to be the following

      1 - Big babies who cant get the pick up they want INSTANTLY so leave (RE Paralyser in Buried)

      2 - People who leave as newbs come in all guns blazing when the op CLEARLY STATES melee x amount of aliens (operations could / should be for the individual ?) if i do my bit i should be rewarded.

      (sub section 2- MUST BE MANY PEOPLE SIMPLY CANNOT READ- OR READ ENGLISH or insert language for whoever ISNT paying attention to this)

      3- The highly annoying sat in lobby - went to try on mums dress as shes shopping & forgot so was timed out or after hes done realising oh im in a game & promptly leaves.Ungrateful Get ! after we revived him 51 times!

      4- those who are in lobby & cant get out in time

      5 Those who are in lobby JUST TO LEAVE AS COUNTDOWN HITS 1 - just to annoy & **** up everyones game-as they know EVERYONE WILL LEAVE

      6 -Is a mish mash of cuts/power cuts/mum switched the ps3 off/leccys gone/time for school/work/simply HAVE to go


      Think that covers most of the reasons-as for the game pushing you out ive had a few server disconnects but surely the game can read this?


      Anyway.It isnt like MP where 10 mins determines the war

      this can take hours ,like zombies & its highly annoying when people leave


      Why can`t you make a "drop in" ? pop up says you are entering a game on hive 6 etc -would you like to join? the option 2 join games simply is not there-or even join m8s.

      why cant you join m8s games ANYWHERE on the ghosts platform? always padlocked!?

      Why Can`t COD warn serial leavers? after x amount time them out of the game  for 1 hour

      put them in special leaver lobbies.You persistantly leave games-you should lose relics-prestige & teeth. If there is another way in PUBLIC lobbies,simply implement itcos its spoiling what AT LAST is a fun game :/ cheers

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          Re: Leaving Extinction games = losing stuff ?

          I joined a friend after as he was on Hive 6 actually. When I dropped in I had all the skills they had earned waiting to be spent. So you can still join friends but I believe you can only join a public match if they're only on the second Hive.


          I agree that people quit way too much. I'd love to see my average stats if I didn't have to quit a game every time someone backed out. I'm talking no less than 75% of matches I play where I'm a random players back out before the game gets beyond the 3rd Hive.

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              Re: Leaving Extinction games = losing stuff ?

              But you don't have any coin , which is a struggle to proceed from there , I hate those players that leave after 15minutes , I like Extinction a lot better than Zombies , but what could you lose if you did abandoned game? Teeth?  Penalizes on your next game with a skill point? It's ment to be a fun/party up with friends that don't compete in MP mode . I reckon updates are needed for those who leave and those who join 

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                  Re: Leaving Extinction games = losing stuff ?

                  I actually find money to be a non-factor on a team that even distributes supplies. I find myself throwing down anything and everything I can just so I'm not wasting possible funds.


                  I think the best penalty would be a probation. In a mode like Extinction the match doesn't start until more than half the lobby is ready and you can see the other player's loadouts. If you really want to stick it to the quitters you could make the probation spectating hours so that a player has to actively watch a match in progress to eat up the probation time.

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                      Re: Leaving Extinction games = losing stuff ?

                      if your or teammates are running relics than coin is an issue , I run medic with teeth upgrade and yet I find myself always asking for coin or to throw out armour , that probation would only make players not wanna play it, I play it when the game MP is laggy as , (may of run out of bandwidth) but me my mates have a good conversation while blasting aliens, making them sit out, na bro , take away a skill point or teeth reward IMO seems much better

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                          Re: Leaving Extinction games = losing stuff ?

                          Probation isn't handed out after even 3 or 4 quits. It's based on a quit percentage you get over a period of a few days. If you quit because of a family emergency or because the power goes out you're not doomed. If you quit because the players are being selfish and stupid you're still good. But if you quit every time something doesn't go 100% your way then yes you'll be punished. I don't care if those players stop playing because I don't want to play with them anyways.

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