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    Living conditions?

      In New Zealand we got privacy in cities but this is just ..... Oh my


      Aerial picture of many little houses in Larung Gar, China

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          1. Re: Living conditions?

          Source - National Geographic  -Larung Gar China ,

          No in-between walkways(alleys) or streets! , rooting like rabbits lol

          Alone time checking out bouncing betties would be errr ,difficult

          This image is just crazy , I do understand places like South America and India are similar but this looks upmarket (avg class money wise)


          Imagine if the community played CoD ? Hell fistfights would arise for sure , maybe even after that match , - You F#$KING camper ,knock knock this is what I think of that last game !

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            2. Re: Living conditions?

            I feel bad for the mailman.

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              3. Re: Living conditions?

              DO NOT ... fall asleep with a lit cigarette.

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                4. Re: Living conditions?

                For all that over-crowding and the problems that go with it. It's a beautiful picture; quiet and serene.



                I think it would make a great map. All close quarters combat.

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                  5. Re: Living conditions?

                  Thats amazing. It just goes to show how much many of us take for granted. I own a smaller house and have a nice lot on the outskirts of town. I feel lucky.

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                    6. Re: Living conditions?

                    What a comment lol spot on. like some of the others that replied , it is in a way, a very interesting photo.

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                      7. Re: Living conditions?

                      I live on the outskirts of LA so it just looks like home to me. With the constant fire hazard warnings, it was only natural for me to warn about lit cigarettes.

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                        8. Re: Living conditions?

                        That's insane! Pictures like that just prove why china has the largest population of any country in the world. 


                        If indeed you could make a cod map of that there would be A LOT of rooftop firefights.


                        It reminds me of something like an ant colony lol.


                        I live on the east coast of Canada and I could NEVER imagine cities around here being that crowded, or anywhere in Canada for that matter.


                        I wonder if there are any cities in China that have those weird layouts like in Brazil where the cities and neighborhoods are basically stuck on the side of a really steep hill and they're set up in a "tier" configuration

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                          9. Re: Living conditions?

                          To one degree or another, every city on the planet is figured in a tier system.


                          Tier 1 - the muck

                          Tier 2 - the self-righteous muck that exists between the muck and sh!t

                          Tier 3 - the sh!t everyone else wishes they could have/be

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