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    [XBX360] [USA] [EASTERN] Join the Elysian Militia Today!

      Hey guy/ and possibly girls. If you're looking at this post then you are probably looking for a clan. Well, i'm here to tell you to join our's. I am the current commander of "Elysian Militia". We have started this clan as of 5/17/14. Look down below for information on about us, contact info, update/achievements, and requirements

      About us:

           My name is Dillon, and i am the owner/creator of  this clan. I play ghost's on a daily basis so it'll be hard to miss me. If you would like to contact me look in the contact info. My age is fourteen. We will play a variety of play-list's. I hope we will be good at a variety of game modes in ex. team deathmatch, search n' rescue, and clan vs. clan. Of course whatever we are going to be well at we are going to play more of thats just how it is, except we will train to be better at poor gamemodes. If anything does happen in the guild, a fight or maybe an argument. We will take the two or so many involved and basically decide what they will have to do for example, de-rank, temporary mute, and other things. I have a 1+ K/D Ratio, .521 W/L Ratio, and 10 days 20 hours played. Also if you are wondering what our name means, Elysian means a soldier who lives after death, and militia well is a army. An army of soldiers who live after death.


      Contact Info:


           If you wish to contact the clan. Please send an IM/In game message to "TheKnifeProphet" saying what your concern is. This is where you will have to send a message if you wish to try out for the clan. Once again you must send a message to me, TheKnifeProphet, saying you wish to try out to well try out.



      • 5/17/14 Clan Created




           Now what you all have been waiting for, the requirements. They are as stated below. You may apply if you dont meet requirements. You will be able to try out. Remember these are recommended. We will have a section of Required, and Recommended. So what im trying to say is if you dont meet both, and you think you have a chance then apply to the clan. If you pass the test then welcome.



      K/D Ratio: At least a .9

      Age: 14-15

      Win/Loss Ratio: .5 At the least.



      K/D Ratio: A .750 or above

      Age: 13

      Win/Loss Ratio: .5 At the least