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    COD4 modern warfare xbox360 got hacked

      Recently my account got hacked. I was level 55 10th prestige then one day I logged in trying to play online, I noticed that I was back to level 1 and all my weapon was locked. I tried to level up so I can unlocked the create a class mode but even then it was still locked. My gamertag is imdaboz18.  Im fine if it will reset to level one and I can just work my way back up. please help

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          Re: COD4 modern warfare xbox360 got hacked

          sorry to say. the only way to get your acct unhacked. is by  the same hackers that hacked it in the first place. they have the jail break geohot  hack on their consoles. i suggest next time u play and find a hacker in your lobby, u will have to cozy up to them and than after that ask if they could take the hack off ur acct and restore it to lvl 1 again and unlock weapons and challenges. sorry , but this is the ONLY way to get it done.... nobody else will or can help you .

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