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    Hackers are taking over.

      Wallhackers/Aimbotters are everywhere now. I don't know what's changed, but it's incredibly frequent now.


      Please do something about it already, this is really absurd. It seems like zero resources are being poured into controlling this problem on PC.

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          1. Re: Hackers are taking over.

          Those clowns have been infecting this game for months, nothing new. Do yourself a favor and just play something else because this game has fallen off the road and into the gutter long ago. It's sad, the game could have been awesome but they don't care about PC. More importantly DO NOT BUY the next game for this series. We all need to stand on this and let them know we will not tolerate garbage games with poor support and no active anti-cheat any longer.

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            2. Re: Hackers are taking over.

            LMAO everywhere? define everywhere

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              3. Re: Hackers are taking over.

              There is certainly more hackers these days, I think it started when they did the "Free Weekend"


              It gives them chance to "feel the water" see if hacks work before buying the game.


              Very suspicious when you get a player with less than 1 hrs game play just owning every game.


              Makes it even more frustrating when you can see evidence in the kill cam.... yes reported.. but yes still playing.

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                4. Re: Hackers are taking over.

                Yes, plenty of evidence in those killcams, And these noob losers who need cheats to play have the nerve to deny they cheat.


                And if you spent anytime playing squad asault and watch the killcam for the AI it makes it extremely easy to identify the cheaters. because the AI uses the same aimbot that many cheater try to use "discreetly" throughout the round.


                Sorry morons/cheaters, it's easy to spot you with all the tools they give us. I can watch an AI character all day and study it so when a player in game does what the ai does. like->(double pivot at me. 1st when i'm behind a wall then as soon as the ai make it in the same space as me it makes a second perfect pivot) when things like this happen more than once per round where this player keeps doing double takes at my location (just like the AI)  this makes it very obvious that your a cheater. especially when I'm not on radar, it's 100% cheating. And they still deny. it's beyond stupidity, but i guess that's what you get from a cheating/lying mind. Their minds are so stupid and slow they can't realize how easy it is to spot them.


                Anyway this game sucks, they all suck. bo2 bo1 are loaded with cheaters, and no one is admining the bo1 servers. many cheaters in those games as well. you can cheat any of the cod series as easy as the next. tons of clans still pretending they are skilled when they are just cheaters etc etc. nothing too good is going on in pc, it's just way to easy to cheat.

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                  5. Re: Hackers are taking over.

                  it's not just the pc platform with cheaters. xbox has just as many of them. I think we will all start to see in the very near future that it doesn't matter what platform a game is on anymore... this phenomena has already begun with ghosts and titanfail.

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                    6. Re: Hackers are taking over.

                    Fully agree, that's why we need private dedicated servers, I still use ones on Bops 1 that are still very popular, they have good admin that sort out the cheats etc, leaving those that just want a good fair game.


                    but don't think it will ever happen again, developers are too short sighted on just the quick profit !!!!!

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                      7. Re: Hackers are taking over.

                      I saw "Anti-cheat improvements" in the Steam update list. After that I played many rounds without a single hacker so I thought omg did they finally found a way to get rid of them. My kdr got on the right level 3-5 but then... the party was over. A few prestige 10 gamers appeared on the server. I had a bad feeling and then boooom hackshot! 30-50 kills, 0-5 deaths. Couldn't hide even with a full stealth class from those hackbobs (Yes, I saw enough on the killcam). In the intermediate time I heard them speaking Russian... I cursed in my mind them in the deepest hell. God I hate Russians. They are worse than the PL gamers when we used to play Enemy Territory. I think IW or Steam or anybody else can't do a sh_t to get rid of the hackbobs. Now the gaming is again "normal". Every single round ie. today was ruined by a wallhacker. Only one aimbotter called xNet was seen today. Laggy game (especially Gun game), hard to find games, sudden lost of connections, problems with Activision servers, Steam connection problems etc etc + hackbobs... Can the gaming go any worse?

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                        8. Re: Hackers are taking over.

                        Ghosts is slowly dying. The daily peak is now about 4500, a few weeks ago it would hit 6000, and a few months ago it would hit 12,000, in a few more it will be 1,000 and only tdm, dom is nearly dead already. I really love this game and have 800 hours playtime, but if something is not done soon then there will definitely be nobody around for the final DLC. Rip cod ghosts

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                          9. Re: Hackers are taking over.

                          Yes I'm pretty sure cheating on xbox is easy as hooking your xbox to your pc with usb and install cheats on the xbox with your pc. (pretty sure that's how they do it)

                            I'm not 100% sure how xbox bans work but I think the punishment for xbox bans are a bit more severe than pc. I think on xbox getting caught cheating for 1 game means your xbox system is banned and you won't be able to play any of your games online.


                          For many pc games it's as easy as (i just downloaded another cracked copy of the game (for free) with another steam account (for free) and I'm back cheating and annoying everyone with a free cheat.

                          And if you buy a cheat and go to the cheat site everyday before you play to confirm that the cheat isn't detected (which there are many coders selling cheats that are in fact undetected for pc) you might be getting away with cheating pc games for years.  It's just way to widespread on pc (everyone knows) exactly where to get the undetected cheats and they want to lie and pretend they are real gamers. it's to much nonsense. they are not going to ever give the servers back to the community this filed with widespread/mass cheating.


                          The dream of making a clan controlling a popular server and getting yourself recognition as great gamers with undetected cheats and calling everyone else noobs who recognize the cheats and booting these players from your servers is over. they will never give the servers back to the community that creates all these cheats & cheatsites to destroy the game.

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