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    Lack of Support for Older Games

      By now it should be clear to almost everyone that the Call of Duty franchise is progressing for the worse, not because of the games themselves, but from changes in the expectations of the audience. I completely understand that developers want to leave the past in the past and focus on new and exciting content for Call of Duty players. When I say the older Call of Duty’s are the best games in the franchise, I assure you I am speaking on behalf of the majority of the Call of Duty audience. Reasons for the population decrease in the franchise are abundant and different for each player.


      The point of this message is to ask you to continue to support older games and make them enjoyable again. It is my understanding that it would be very difficult to do so and maybe not even possible, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attempt to. My focus here is Modern Warfare 2; as I am an avid Call of Duty Player and from my research, I can tell you that this game was the most popular and will gain many players if it was playable.


      Modern Warfare 2 in my opinion and many others’ was the ‘perfect’ game; all the hit detections were spot on, no delay in camera movements, connection seemed generally better than all later games, guns, maps, list goes on.


      I understand that a patch would not solve the problem nor is one required but improving the condition of the game is my main concern (i.e. aim bots and modded lobbies). Doing this will bring back a large portion of players that dislike where the franchise is heading and show that developers care about not only their current title, but old ones as well.


      Many of us don’t know what’s behind fixing a problem like this; therefore all we can do is ask.  I understand it may not be a profitable decision, but will earn respect and reputation for the developers and will bring back players who wish to relive the experience of the older, more enjoyable Call of Duty’s.


      Thank You

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          Re: Lack of Support for Older Games

          Makes me think, at what point do developers decide to shut down servers, or are they just on the same as the recent releases?


          Personally I play the older versions now and again, and would hate for them to go.

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            Re: Lack of Support for Older Games

            To replicate the success of MW2 would be mission impossible, Ghosts is the closest IMO to maps and accommodating of different styles of play. I do play previous CODS periodically and don't think they'll disappear and I agree the advances in the series are not earth shattering however I reckon too many ppl think the only way to play COD is to run n gun and as Activision are only in it for the money don't expect the next instalment to be anything but a blops2 rehash. So not all previous CODS are superior IMO and will ultimately wither on the vine.

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              Re: Lack of Support for Older Games

              You want to bring back the spirit of older games.

              I'll tell you how. Bring back fast paced action that never stops.

              We have to destroy the idea that camping is an option.

              Remove it and force the players to move out of their tents.


              Perfect example...Serious Sam 3. Games need to be fun.

              Stop making camping simulators please.

              You can go camp outside for real if that is your thing.

              It's free and you don't need a video game console to do it.

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                Re: Lack of Support for Older Games

                I agree with you.....since hitting master prestige on ghosts and being completely bored with it I have gone back to playing mw2 as well as mw3 and both games are full of hackers

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                  Re: Lack of Support for Older Games

                  Mw2 will great excluding: hackers & op explosives.

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                    Re: Lack of Support for Older Games

                    If the problem gets more attention and there is more demand for it, there is a bigger chance they will do something, across all titles.

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