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    Profile Customization Idea.

      We all know that in ghosts, you have access to 10 different, fully customizable soldiers, which is different from every other game.  I was thinking they could add an option to customize your profile with a "squad photo".  By no means would it be mandatory, but it could be a cool option to display your squad all at once in a creative way.


      How I visualize this working is that you could be given the option of one or two backgrounds from different maps from the game, than given the option to insert your squad members into the photo, selecting from a variety of poses.  Whatever load out you select from the squads CaC section as the AI load out could be sported by your squad member.  You could also have the option to tint your photo different ways (regular, faded, sepia, etc) to give it a different feel.


      It could be viewed by yourself and others, and could be a fun way to showcase your entire squad as one unit.


      Let me know if you support the addition of this idea to the game, or a future title.