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      Why aren't the "unlimited tactical glitch" , the "under the map glitch on Freight" and the iceberg glitch on Whiteout fix for the Wii U yet? Why has the support completely dropped? WTF is wrong with you people who make a game, charge the same amount as every other platform, then half ass with the support?

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          for 1 its not activision stopping support its nintendo so yell at them

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            I started playing black ops on the Wii, and was quite disappointed with the way support for the game was being handled. That being that there had only been a couple of updates through the whole year. It was still fun as heck to play but the hacking was insane. It turned out that updates needed to be agreeded upon by nintendo (this is normal) but it took so long to get approval and I believe that nintendo actually didn't approve some of them (someone correct me if I am wrong), plus there just wasn't a lot of support from treyarch and activision to boot. I am guessing that the situation hasn't changed much. This is why I went to the ps3.

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              The playstation and xbox are the cash cows so they get looked after first, thats wher emost of their money i made

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                We don't have any ETA as to when the issues may be addressed. In the mean time, we suggest reporting any players you find abusing this exploit in game via the in game reporting tool.