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      HAVOC ELITE GAMING is now recruiting.  We are currently looking for active members that play on a regular basis, Aged 17+.  We are competitive and above all play to win. Want to ask any questions, message me on XBL HAVOCxTayLeNa or on twitter @Havoc_Elite.


      Please read ENTIRE post before applying

      You must play ALL 8 hours during Diamond Division clan wars!!

      (We play the EST times of 7-11pm)  If you do not play, you WILL be kicked.


      • Clan Level 25 (Red Tags)
      • Diamond Division
      • Clan K/D 1.62 W/L 62%
      • 60+ Members
      • Clan Tag. HxE


        To be eligible for this clan you must:

      1) Be an active player


      2) Have over a 1.4 K/D ratio


      3) Play Full Clan Wars(8 Hrs every other weekend)


      4) Be mature (only 17 years old or older)

          - this also means having respect for other clan members


      5) Be dedicated to the clan:

          - No clan hopping


      6) Join the clan website

         - You may not be in this clan without joining the website

      7) Download and join in our messaging app that we use to communicate during clan wars.

      8) Follow the clan rules specified on the website

      Last but not least HAVE FUN


      All of our members are very friendly and easy to get along with so make sure you do the same

      All of these rules are continually enforced (especially about being an active player). If you break any of them, you will be cut from the clan

      If you are not active during Clan wars: You will be dropped from the clan

      We will NOT accept glitchers, hackers and/or modders of any sort.


      Applying: (Takes 5 minutes total)



      Step 1 apply on our website havocelitegaming.com


      Step 2 Msg us to let us know you applied


      Step 3 Once accepted join our Clan Chat on a (messaging app) and your good to go (this is primarily for clan wars purposes)