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    Please bring back True Crime games back!

      Hi my name is Javier and I am 21 years old, I remember playing True Crime streets of LA for the first time on my xbox I got together Christmas night, then True Crime NY came along, wow you could frisk people, arrest them, search trunks, answer dispatch calls and i remember this game being one of the first open world games to be able to go into buildings to interact with different kind of things, people and situations. Then Hong kong got sold to Square Enix but wasnt the same without you guys. Most important of all, you played the role of a cop/detective, i am not sure if that was the spark that led me to study law enforcement and now I am waiting impatiently to join my local police academy. My point is ACTIVISION, you played a big role on open world games, a Law enforcement kind of games which makes it authentic, i like the idea of making a completely Law enforcement/police officer based on kind of game, and i am sure a lot of people do to. A big part of  GTA 4 community made a MOD about a police officer play role. you guys have what it takes now, economically and professionally, you can see how watch dogs is blowing up in pre-orders. sure call of duty, cabela's have been great, even the minigames such as angry birds and cut the rope dont get me wrong but its time to make this happen, BRING TRUE CRIME GAMES BACK   

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