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    Prestiging / Ranking Up in AW


      I am sure that this has been covered several times already, but I really hope that Sledgehammer reevaluates how Prestiging was handled in Ghosts. We need to go back to the "classic" style. I think Infinity Ward tried to be different, but ended up killing the replay value of the game. It also takes FOREVER to Prestige (at least for a casual player) in Ghosts. The whole ranking up style was too dumbed down, you didn't feel the need to unlock something and when you did, you didn't feel that you were really rewarded. Even unlocking camos was handled incorrectly.


      I know a lot of people didn't like MW3, but I loved the whole stat / unlocking system in it. It was easy to prestige, unlock camo, compare your stats with your friends in the barracks. It was a wonderful set up.


      Sledgehammer, please make the player feel they have a goal when they are playing instead of grinding for hours with no reward or even risk.

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          They should just get rid of Prestiging.  Just make it one unlimited rank.  Meaning that you can get to 1000+ levels.  If you want an emblem change, then you play in a skill based matchmaking playlist where you have to reach a certain rank.  Similar to how Halo 3 worked.  The "old way" is just a freaking grind, basically you just play and level up, which to me is just boring.  Put some challenge into the game and it will become more fun.

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              iivrruummii wrote:


              They should just get rid of Prestiging.  Just make it one unlimited rank.  Meaning that you can get to 1000+ levels. 

              this i would like to see, endless rank. It would solve many complaints as to how far one can get and it would also highlight how much a player has put in the game.

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              I was agreeing you in the beginning until you mentioned it was easy to prestige in MW3, MW3 is the hardest Call of Duty to be prestiging on. Not only are there 80 levels, which ironically mentioned it took forever in Ghosts, there are also 20 prestiges, the last 10 being just a different roman numeral number with the same icon, yea, I'm sure people felt accomplished after doing all of that for nothing but a new roman numeral... Also I'm not sure if you ever played BO2, but it was extremely simple to prestige and reach master, you eve felt like you were getting rewarded because you unlocked everything once you reached master prestige, and what you mentioned about Barracks, Combat Record was a much more organized and better system to use to compare stats with your friends.

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                  Idea : After reaching a high enough level you can accept a challenge . If you complete it succesfully within a time limit you prestige. Otherwise continue leveling up. After ten levels you can do that challenge again . (if you haven't accepted the challenge you may accept it at any time later. There will be a max level where you will prestige either way (if you want).

                  For example . You will get your first prestige challenge at level 55, Then if you fail you will get a new one in level 65 (up to level 95).

                  If you get a challenge in level 55 and you don't accept it you will be able to accept it at any time be it level 56 , level 78 . If you have't accepted it and you get a new challenge. You may accept both or even accept the first and if you fail you can go for the second. Max level in this case will be 100

                  There will be rewards for both reaching level 100 and for gettng a prestige.

                  It is true that there must also be good rewards from prestiging.

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                      Or how about we just drop the prestiges?  And just allow people to play instead of rushing to the highest level in the game?  Make the game have an unlimited number of levels.  You unlock everything in the first 100 then after that you earn camos and other cosmetics as you level up.  Level every 100 levels you get a special outfit or something, but every 100 levels get longer and longer.  The last 100 levels takes as long as the first 900 did.

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                          But then it would be like Ghosts where once you've unlocked everything you want you don't feel like you're playing towards anything.

                          That's why, for me, Ghosts got so boring so quickly. If I started a new character I'd have everything I wanted in the first 20 levels or so then I'd have nothing to look forward to.

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                              But you don't unlock everything, that is the point.  Customization will unlock the higher you get.  And comparing my idea to Ghosts is just poor.  Ghosts has a Squad Point system similar to BO's credits system.  You just had to earn enough money to get what you wanted and didn't have to wait for anything.  Same thing with MW3, you just used the Prestige tokens and you could unlock nearly everything you wanted.  It didn't always make the game boring to play but it did effect what you wanted to accomplish.


                              If you want something that you actually have to try for, then put in a skill based ranking system where certain guns, attachments, perks, and killstreaks are unlocked after you reach a certain skill level.  Then we could just get rid of the Progression leveling system all together.  Levels 1-10 you unlock basic weapons and perks, levels 20-30 you unlock average weapons and perks, levels 30-40 you unlock great weapons and perks, and 40-50 you unlock the best weapons and perks.  But the difference is that you have to keep your rank to keep the weapons and perks.  The only thing that you need to unlock through progression is customization, basically by getting kills and winning.  But then again this would upset so many people that play the game because they would never get to use many of the guns because they suck so much.

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                          MW3 might have had a lot of levels but they were easy to rise through. I remember setting a personal prestige record of 11 levels in one game. I also remember completing several challenges and going up from 78 through 80 to in one game. The challenges in MW3 were insanely rewarding and allowed for fast levels.


                          Black Ops II's made leveling easy too with it's very generous pointstreak system. The fact that they gave high-end streaks like Dogs and the SWARM such a decent amount of XP per use and that they were so easy to get I averaged a significant amount of XP per use and did it on a consistent basis.


                          In the end, XP has been meaningless in every game minus Ghosts where I'm finding challenges to not be as rewarding and in-game milestones like high end poinstreaks to be a rare occurrence.

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                          I agree that the way Ghosts is geared for prestiging and unlocking items seems like a non-accomplishment. In past games I have tried to get camos, do challenges, reach max prestige, etc but this time I was like 'meh, whatever'. So here is to hoping that Sledgehammer have come up with something new and engaging. It is great that Infinity Ward has tried something new with Ghosts but not all changes lead to success, sometimes they just lead to more trying.

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                            Something interesting would be a dynamic prestige that you have to maintain. Each prestige has a decreasing life that you have to constantly play to keep alive. If you stop playing the game you'll lose a prestige every 2 days and have to make up the progress. It's decay rate increases per prestige with the final prestige needing daily attention.


                            Each prestige is significantly shorter but each prestige becomes harder to level through with the final prestige being equivalent to a normal prestige in previous games.

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                              the ranking up system is good imo. i think the could improve on it by when hitting the top rank you should get a special item such as armour, camo or a weapon.


                              i think it would give the people that don't hit the top ranks a goal, should at least get them playing for longer.

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                                I quite like the idea of getting rid of prestiges and bringing something new, i quite like iivuurruummii idea where there is no end to levels.

                                I would like to see people rewarded with how long they play i think allowing someone a piece of micro DLC every 100 levels would be a good way to reward players for playing the game, i know that would keep more numbers playing if they got something free every so often.

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                                  Ghosts rank up, prestige, and unlock system is boring and unbalanced from lack of restriction. Please no more currency. It was a flop in Black Ops and they somehow made it worse in Ghosts.

                                  I think MW3 had a great system. I think the unlock token was a great addition to the classic system. You still had to earn everything and it was rewarding.

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                                    I want to see true prestige return to the game with viable rewards for each prestige attained.


                                    I like the idea of the Squads, personally, and would like to see it stay with some tweaks.


                                    Start each player with six squad mates, each with six classes. Personally, I'd like to see the weapons go back to an unlock system rather than a "points" system in which players must use a weapon to unlock it's attachments. Anyways, each squad mate would have 60 levels to work through. Once a Squad mate reaches 60, they hit prestige, earning a Permanent Unlock for the other squad mates (can choose, say, a weapon or equipment or perk that other squad mates wouldn't have to work to unlock). Could also give a patch/emblem/background (whatever the equivalent in AW is) and if Customization returns, a Uniform. Make it worth prestiging.


                                    Each Character you unlock gives you another Prestige and more rewards and unlock tokens. Every two soldiers you prestige you unlock another custom class. Once you have prestiged all six soldiers, you unlock your seventh soldier, prestige that one and unlock your eighth.. and so on until you have 10 soldiers.


                                    I think that would make the game replayable and prestiging worthwhile again.

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                                        Hardly anybody played Squads, I don't think that it should come back.  Next why should we continue to have a progression leveling system.  Have everything unlocked from the start and make the game more about skill, meaning perks are picked up off the ground and weapons such as shotguns, snipers, rocket launchers, and grenades can be picked up off the ground around the map on fixed locations.  Weapons respawn every couple of minutes.  Shotguns could have a longer range and Snipers would be able to quickscope still because balance wouldn't be a problem.  Killstreaks would no longer be solo earned but team earned by playing objectives and getting kills around the objectives such as UAVs, helicopters, and airstrikes.  Care packages would drop randomly around the map where personalized "killstreaks" can be picked up such as a death machine, pilot gunner, and much more.


                                        Just realized I detailed out how I would make the next COD.