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    What do you want for Invasion?


      Besides the obvious like better spawns and such, what do you want for the Invasion Map Pack? What kind of maps or the weapon included ( if there is one, most likely will though ) do you guys want? What would "float your boat" so to speak?

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          I want at least one larger map and a new LMG.


          Also, I want the special Care Package on one of the maps to allow me to play as Judge Dredd.  He would be basically a Maniac who uses a special pistol instead of a knife; and every time you killed someone with him he would shout, "I AM THE LAW!"

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            I think the rumor is the new weapon will be a shotgun, which makes me more excited for an LMG in DLC4, but I really would like them to come out with a new launcher or a new pistol, or better yet another combo say a pistol/shotgun combo (ala the Maverick), one weapon that is modified to be a pistol that fires shells, but with different native attachments to be a normal shotty.


            In general, I'd like to see a new pistol over a shotgun, or some new attachments, like fully auto for the Grach or something like that. I would also like it if they released some new perks that only work for certain game modes, say a perk that reduces your defuse/plant time by a second or reduces the time it takes to take a dom point, or a perk that makes you jump a little higher. A whole new set of perks would be really cool.


            Ultimately, however, I don't want to see another rehash map, even though we're bound to see one of the DLC maps in each 3 and 4 follow what they did with 1 and 2. Then again, I liked the Dome remake, and though I hate the Scrapyard remake, I can at least stand playing on it over other garbage maps like Overlord or Sovereign.

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                I would love to see the return of the exicutioner from black ops 2 maybe with a few modifications. I think it should keep all the ups and downs it had in the last game. However, it could have an optional bullet attachment that makes it fire bullets instead of shotgun shells. The real life judge revolver fires both interchangebly. The bullets would be a two hit kill out to about 15 to 20 meters but lack the one hit kill of the magnum at close range.

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                  It looks like they want to keep the Assault Rifle/Something Else idea rolling, because so many people like ARs.


                  The Maverick has an AR, but it has a Sniper

                  The Ripper is both and AR and a SMG.


                  So... whatever comes next, (we'll call it the "Jackhammer" because of the rumors) It will be like the maverick. You'll be able to wield it as a shotgun, or wield it as an Assault Rifle.


                  It's either that, or the "Jackhammer" will be an AR with a built-in shotgun attachment that does not take up your lethals and has many more rounds than the regular shotgun attachment. Of course, they'll play it off like this isn't the case and make it look like it's two weapons, but yeah... essentially, that's what it would be.


                  The best thing that could happen is that we're all wrong and it's something completely different. Both the weapon and the Cameo Appearance.

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                  I wouldn't mind seeing a larger map.  Of all the DLC maps this game has produced, I think the biggest was containment, and even that map wasn't huge.  It would definitely shake up the norm.

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                      MOST of the DLC maps were on the larger size. Just because the OUTSIDE AREA of the map itself isn't large, doesn't mean that with all the levels, buildings, etc. the map square footage wise plays just as big, if not larger than maps with a larger outside diameter.


                      Fog - medium to large map

                      Containment - large map

                      Ignition - smaller map made a little larger than it was in MW2 by adding paths underground

                      Bayview - really the ONLY one in this DLC that could be called small


                      Ruins - HUGE sprawling map with 1098374 paths and many levels

                      Behemoth - Narrow, but with many levels and paths plays like a medium/large map

                      Collision - again, not too big perimeter wise, but with many paths and indoor spots plays like a medium map

                      Unearthed - Remake of Dome, but still not what I would consider small. More a medium/small map.

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                          Containment is NOT a large map, Ignition is larger or about the same. Containment is definitely about the size of Bayview I'd say, maybe slightly smaller.


                          All the maps in DLC 1 are roughly medium sized with Fog being the largest. I'd say all the DLC maps are medium or medium/large, but nothing quite the size of Stonehaven. As for the second set, Collision is easily the largest but Behemoth square footage wise is probably about the same and Ruins albeit medium sized is a lot larger seeming because of the multiple levels and pathways.

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                        Has any new info been released or leaked yet?  I know the release date is set for June 3rd, but it seemed for the last DLC we had preview videos of the "Predator" and "Ripper" a few weeks in advance.  As for what I would like to see, I think they should bring back some type of launcher as your secondary that can lock onto air support.  I hate that unless your running support kill streak with the MAAWS or you have an LMG your screwed against helo pilots and/or battle hinds(I usually just hide in a building till they go away anyways).  I think it would be sweet if the Javelin made a return like the one from MW2 .  Anyways thoughts, comments, and info are appreciated thanks!

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                            Release date is June 3rd supposedly.


                            Maps are supposed to be







                            Weapon is


                            Jackhammer, a Shotgun that will more than likely have a bonus

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                              What, you don't know how to Panzerfaust a chopper out of the sky? I've easily done it a dozen times when I didn't have a MAAWS... You just have to get the timing right. Just today I Panzerfausted a Helo Scout out of the sky, and while that is the easiest to aim and hit, I can understand why you want lock on. Helo pilots suck and the only way I've ever taken them out is with a MAAWS or armor piercing rounds. Take some time attempting to shoot a Hind out of the air, wait for it to lean back so that it hovers above you. You'll have to lead it a bit to where it's stopping above you, but that small window where it slows itself to hover is your chance to hit it with a manually aimed rocket.

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                                  I saw the "Jackhammer", but I thought that, that was an April Fools joke? And i usually don't run a secondary so I don't run the Panzerfauste.  You are right though, I got lucky once or twice shooting down a Hind with one.  The "Javelin" though was epic lol I would love to use it again. Also thanks for the info on the map names.