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    Why is quickscoping hated?


      To be honest I don't understand.

      Half the time, unless your a god at quickscoping, the sniper ends up getting killed by...




      -Everything else


      Sometimes I see how its annoying, but its only to me because I myself am a quickscoper, and when I get the tables turned on me, I'd get mad.



      But why does it agrivate the rest of you? Because honestly, there is no need to be taken out of the game for a playstyle.


      We don't ravage about how your guy's lmgs should be removed from the game

      We don't beg for shotguns to be removed


      Just play the flow and enjoy it man. If you think about it, it's kind of neat, and pretty sweet.


      (Most of the time if you are half decent at the game, you can overpower the sniper)

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          It is hated because it ruins the game.. You put a ton of bullets into a sniper's back, then he spins on a dime and you're dead.. It's crap.. Do you understand the mechanics of a sniper rifle?? They are Heavy firearms, intended on picking of enemies with precision from long, concealed distances.. You can not run around with one then do that.. Just like the hip fire spray kill with the 870.. It's not possible.. It would completely knock your shoulder out of place.. I duck hunt with a Remington 870 express super mag.. I know the mechanics of a shotgun, especially a Remington 870..

          But back to your question.. They have completely infested this game.. They are in every single game mode all doing the same thing.. Tac inserting spraying into a spawn to get their "awesome clips" to put on youtube that NO ONE will ever watch.. Everyone of these kids run around with their faze emblem and clan tag and gamer tag with as many X's as they can possible fit, if it doesn't have faze in it too, so they are easy to spot..

          You can't play a real game of S&D anymore because of them.. Jumping off of structures and spinning in circles while shooting and hitting absolutely nothing isn't the objective.. You can't play Free-for-All because they have over ran that too.. I played a month or so ago.. Won the game and immediately got messages from all but 2 people in the lobby telling me "You are so bad kid!!!," "I hope you f------ die!!," "Drink bleach!!.".. Seriously?! You get beat by someone using a gun that is NOT a sniper rifle, and using it the way it was intended to be used, and you respond that way?? It was the SAME thing every single time I played it.. If they were in parties, they would all send messages like that whether I won or not.. If they weren't in a party, these idiot kids just keep screaming " OMG You are SO bad kid!" ... So, because I don't use a sniper rifle in Free-for-All, I am bad?? And no, I'm not a kid.. I can snipe.. I can do the whole quickscope thing.. But I do it in a private match so as not to ruin the game for people who choose to play it correctly.. These kids don't play the objective.. Period..

          But overall, the attitudes of these snot nosed little kids are pathetic.. The sense of entitlement they have is a joke.. The screaming and yelling and cussing and name calling and threatening, it's completely uncalled for and beyond immature.. But that's ok.. I have an 870 and c4 class ready for you.. As well as a class with EMP's and flash bangs.. Not to mention a class with 2 AR's both equipped with grenade launchers..

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            The above post does a pretty good job of summing it up, but on top of that, it's also because it's a general loophole in the weapon balancing. If I'm not mistaken, a headshot with any sniper rifle is a one-hit kill at any range. Statistically speaking, factoring in accuracy and draw time, that gives all of the sniper rifles the fastest and most reliable time to kill of any weapons in the game with the most versatile application--in other words, it doesn't take as much skill as most of the brats that do it think it does. Assuming perfect accuracy, the Ballista is probably the best weapon in the game (Don't believe me? Try outgunning a Veteran-level AI wielding one.)--so the myth that it somehow takes special talent really doesn't apply, because it's no different than aiming and firing any other gun, except for the fact that your first shot kills right away at any range. I think it takes more talent to nail three or four headshots from a silenced M27 to score a long-distance kill, personally.


            So to answer your question, it's not so much the game mechanic as it is the culture around it. Quickscopers are generally arrogant, inconsiderate, and disrespectful in the way they play and carry themselves--haven't met one with the humility to realize that what he/she is doing might actually be hurting their team. And that's the biggest thing, for me: I absolutely hate it when they become my teammates. I love playing against them because most of them are quite rubbish and thus easy targets. Nothing pleases me more than going on a rampage with an R870, C4, and SMAW, jacking all their objectives, and then bombing the tar out of them with a Lodestar and K9 onslaught before camping one of their TIs for a game-winning kill. Stay off my team, because if, like virtually all quickscopers, you don't put the good of the team (objectives, anti-air, etc.) above your own stats or pointless YouTube project, you're no good to me as a teammate.

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              Little kids love it because... well they are little kids and don't know jack about real firearms.


              There is no such thing in real life as "quick scoping" with any real sniper rifle.  Anyone who knows anything at all about firearms knows this.  The game is equipped with firearms that we see in real life, they should attempt to behave as such.  Go ask any sniper in any branch of the military if they can "run around and quick scope" with their rifles and it will take a few minutes for the laughter to subside before they tell you to p*ss off.


              Take the DSR 50 for example... this rifles weighs just over 20lbs EMPTY.  This isn't a gun a soldier runs around with, much less quick scopes with!  These rifles aren't even held by snipers... they are typically setup on bipods with a soldier laying prone and coordinating the shot with the help of a spotter.  Now I do realize this is a game, not real life... so I get why the sniper rifles are in the game.. and they are fun to use, but the quick  scoping needs to go!  I do think you should be able to carry one but it should be heavier (making you move slower) and slower to raise to scope. 


              I will also echo the sentiments of the other posters about the majority of people using them for "trickshotting" and "quick scoping" being snot nosed little brats who only care about making youtube videos to impress other little snot nosed brats.   If I drop into a lobby where I see what I recognize as a bunch of sniping clan tags... I'm outta there!


              I will admit it is pretty gratifying capping these douchebags as they are twirl jumping off a structure... and watching their cold lifeless body face plant into the ground


              I really hope they get rid of the quick scoping capability altogether in the next game!

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                pretty much agree with all the comments above.


                1. It's unrealistic - while Call of duty is FAR from a simulation, anybody will question quickscoping because it pretty much goes against the purpose of the sniper rifle and how it functions in real life. There's a point where it becomes to arcady and quickscoping surpasses that. it'd be the same if shotguns could hardscope at long distances. The weight issue is another thing that doesnt make sense as they don't act heavy enough. quickscopers also go out of their way to cheat that as well by upping their controller sensitivity and using longer analog sticks.


                2.The argument over an unfair advantage - No one says quickscoping doesnt take skill; you have to time it right and if youre too early on the trigger, accuracy will be penalized (something which has been even more penalized in Ghosts). However, on smaller maps in particular or even maps where lines of sight are narrow, quickscopers simply cheat their aiming skills by essentially guessing the enemy will be running down a 'corridor' so to speak. nuketown is a great example, quickscopers stay to the back and just line the sights on either side of the house. and if its timed perfectly, the time to kill is the best in the game (and here's the important part) at ALL ranges. some see this as unfair at the closest ranges. Also someone scoped in shouldnt be able to see let alone hit someone right up in their face so easily. Quickscoping essentially cheats that mechanic of being zoomed in and try to figure out what youre aiming at and adjusting too.


                3.As mentioned above a lot of people find quickscopers have bad attitudes. Not sure why this is, but some of it stems from trolls who just want people to react to being killed in such a way.



                I'm all for a short duration hardscope but quickscoping just ruins the game for other people. Nothing is worse than dominating a match and then dying at the hands of a quickscoper because of some gimmicky loophole. A lot of it has to do with the devs. They should make the ADS time longer than it is, and more penalize too early triggerfingers. or possibly rather an accuracy hit if you pull the trigger within a certain time of fully ADSing. The stuff in there that they put in to stop it isnt working. People just combat the sluggishness of the weapon by increasing controller sensitivity and getting raised analog sticks. Its also interesting that people choose the highest accuracy weapon to quickscope with. It suggests that luck may hold a bigger role in using it. Who really wants that to trump skill?

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                  i hate people who say its unrealistic when call of duty is a video game. If you want realistic then go do something in real life or battlefield. Call of duty needs to have some fictional stuff in it to make it enjoyable because most people don't enjoy real war. Why would they want it to be super realistic when its meant to be played on a console. If you want realistic go join the army or something, other than that stop complaining about quickscoping.

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                      Obviously this is a video game.. Things have to be bent a bit from reality in order to make it playable.. But here's the thing.. SMG's have a drop off in range and accuracy in real life.. Same as in this game.. AR's aren't as good as an SMG in close quarter action in real life.. Same as in this game.. Machine guns are large, heavy weapons that are not meant to be a moving around close quarter action weapon in real life.. Same as in this game.. You are penalized in the game with the ADS time and mobility when using an LMG.. Same with reload time.. The guns in this game that are completely unrealistic, that have had zero effort to make them closer to reality like the others, are the shotguns and sniper rifles.. If you ran around with a shotgun spraying without fully drawing the gun, it would knock your shoulder out of place.. The R870 in this game, is a gun in real life.. Sniper Rifles are large, heavy weapons in real life.. It takes time to aim down the sights, and accurately fire the weapon.. In this game, they are weapons that you are allowed to run around full speed and then aim in lightning fast and hit a shot with pinpoint accuracy.. If you are going to create a game, and make the weapons act similar to real life, which they have, then you should do it to all weapons.. Everyone knows why they allow the quickscoping crap.. To make these youtube cool guys and little kids happy.. These are the same people who ruin games and act like little brats on their mics..

                      You are right, they should make the game enjoyable.. Enjoyable for all.. Not cater to the wishes of one group.. If you are going to do that, then increase the damage and range, and decrease the recoil on the scorpion.. You would change your tune real quick

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                        ShoKGaming wrote:


                        i hate people who say its unrealistic when call of duty is a video game. If you want realistic then go do something in real life or battlefield. Call of duty needs to have some fictional stuff in it to make it enjoyable because most people don't enjoy real war. Why would they want it to be super realistic when its meant to be played on a console. If you want realistic go join the army or something, other than that stop complaining about quickscoping.

                        maybe you should read people's comments before you start throwing hate around. no one said call of duty is a realistic game. there's a fine line between making something more accessible/fun and completely re-writing the roles of weapons. quickscoping completely breaks the purpose of sniping.

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                            You shouldnt be able to hipfire snipers, its crazy. Ive been face to face with snipers and ive a shottie and they hipfire me, its mad. QS shouldnt be allowed either, its a broken mechanic. It ruins everyone else`s game experience. Snipers are meant as support, but these guys run n gun like smgs. A good sniper will get 50+ every game, its diabolical.

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                                Simple fixes.


                                1. Remove the ability to fire a sniper rifle until 100% fully ADS.


                                2. Aim assist is only activated 0.5 second after ADS.


                                3. Increase flinch massively when ads and being shot by opponent.


                                4. Increase recoil and time between shots.


                                5. A massive damage reduction at close range.


                                Quick scoping USED to take skill, cod 2 your bullet would go where you were aiming. If you were quick AND accurate you were good.


                                Modern CoDs it takes less and less skill, the hit detection is so far out, aim assist, one shot kills to feet, semi auto sniper spam, fast ads times, fast 're-fire times. Firing before the reticle appears relies on luck as the trajectory is random and absolutely no kill should be based on luck at all. That is why it's frustrating for non snipers. Nothing about our kills require any element of luck, yes the hit detection might be dodgy but I it takes more than one bullet which is the big difference. You don't get a lucky 3/4/5 bullets, whereas a sniper only takes one.

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                            Are you trolling? lol.

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                              Quickscoping is just another form of gameplay. Halo had no scopers and COD has quickscopers. Its as simple as that. In the end its the rude side of quickscoping community, and those who react unfairly to it that give it a bad name. All we can do as gamers is adapt to it, and shouldn't find ways around (like argue to developers) to eliminate the threat. I think everyone who has this negative view on quickscoping should give it a try. You may be surprised on what you can pull off. The snipers who don't quickscope, dont be afraid to play your playstyle. I "hardscope" as people have come to call it. I can't quickscope effectively and so I use the next best method. Those who give me hate for it are usually just muted or ignored. I say come at me, give me your best shot, sniper or smg.


                              13 years plus experience with FPSs

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                                  TheUNDERTAKER wrote:


                                  All we can do as gamers is adapt to it, and shouldn't find ways around (like argue to developers) to eliminate the threat.



                                  Bullsh*t!  As customers we pay for the game and a majority of us want to enjoy it without the BS quick scoping so we absolutely SHOULD be hammering them to do something about it.   Perhaps they SHOULD fix it and the people who like sniping should be the ones to "adapt" to a more realistic use of the weapon.

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                                      I can understand your issue with quickscopers, and yes it sucks sometimes, but its a game not based on realism. Most gamers seem to forget they are playing a video game not a "shooting simulator". The developer won't fix something that isn't broken and popular. If you nerf the sniper then run and gunners take over For example look at COD: World at War, sub machine guns dominated that game and people complained that they were overpowered, which was true to an extent. I became very efficient at taking out MP40 gunners with semi auto rifles just to deal with the threat.  You either adapt or you fall behind. Its as simple as that.

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                                    people hate it  cause they cant good enoguh t odo quickscope pro

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                                      I don't know how to quickscope, and I'm not sure exactly how it works.  I know I've been killed by snipers plenty of times when I cannot understand how they spotted me so quickly or how they could kill me after I had a couple of hits on them from an LMG.


                                      But the bottom line for me is this:  If the software allows you to do it, by all means take advantage of it.  I would generally be happy if the developers made the game more realistic, but if they did, the first hit from most any weapon would take the recipient out.  In "real life," if you take a single shot to the leg from an LMG, you're toast.  At least you wouldn't be running around shooting anymore.


                                      If you don't like quickscoping, your complaint should be with the developers, not those who have learned how to exploit whatever it is that allows them to do it.


                                      The one thing I wish the developers could come up with is a way to stop players from disrupting their own teammates.  I hate being on an otherwise good team, but some nut keeps getting trying his best to get in the way.

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                                        Because bullet magnetism just aims for the player. Someone posted a clip in Ghosts forum about it...let me see if I can find it.


                                        Edit: Here we go:

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                                          Let's take out all of the weapons! Knives only. Call of Knifers: Guns too OP

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                                            Black ops 1 really is the only game that you cant quickscope on.

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                                              The point is everything about this series that people were annoyed about got nixed but somehow these cockroaches have slipped through the cracks. I remember the akimbo 1887's and how unrealistic but everybody complained and the got nerfed to the point of uselessness, scavenger got f'd up, the added sway and recoil but only one game dared to touch the snipers and it was one of the best so far, when it comes to those aspects. Its just a bad game mechanic and its ruining the game. If they want to have it then maybe give them their own playlist to do that garbage in. Then they can trick shot and all that nonsense with out bothering the rest of us, the snipers will act normal out the playlist and gain the ability to quick scope when in their own playlist. That sounds fair and just, they get to keep quick scoping and the rest of us can play in bloody peace.