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    Leaderboard issues


      Hey everyone,


      First off, thank you all for being passionate and providing feedback on Call of Duty: Ghosts. We wanted to let you all know that we are constantly scrubbing the leaderboards for cheaters and hackers. What this means is that we have a group of folks here at IW  tasked with removing the undeserved players.The primary reason for the scrubbing is to ensure leaderboards only represent our legitimate players and their successes. That said, we have recently received reports of some folks being removed from certain game-type leaderboards incorrectly. This is an issue that we are currently investigating and will provide any information regarding this situation here in this thread.

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          Hi there! That's great news COD has finally relised myself (M0NKEYB0Y SULLY) , OLSON , XIBANEZIA , BABYxKILLZZxU , and many others have had stats reset for no reason on the FFA leaderboard. Please can you tell me anymore info on this and when or will our stats will be corrected put back.

          This message is a cry for help from all the true legit players who have been incorrectly reset after putting in a lot of time, effort and hard work to be as good as they are and to be in the position they was in before the reset.

          Please please please HELP!!!!!!!

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            Call of Duty Ghost for XboxOne leaderboard stats was reset by mistake. My 21 days of gameplay was legit! Please fix my leaderboard stats because I've worked hard to earn it.

            Gamertag: Nadetastic ii

            Thank you.

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              X1 Leaderboards appear to have been completely scrubbed of every entry as of 6:30 AM CST. Was this you?

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                Gt- OL5ON. I was legit #1 FFA. Only my leaderboards got reset. How much longer must we wait for you guys to fix your mistake?

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                  all my game mode LB are gone and i had to start from the bottom and i was 450th in hc tdm on ps4 and tina u know me lol

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                    Activition tells me my leaderboards got reset cause I did something on the "code of conduct" I emailed and called to tell them I did not. They kept telling me I did and could not explain exactly what. After 10 failed attempts of trying to figure out a answer. I contacted BBB and filed a complaint, Now activition calls me and says my account was corrupted and that's why i was removed. They also can not tell me how I was corrupted! This is a joke. They told me over 10 times it was a code of conduct issue, now that i prove that wrong, now im corrupted!??  Then the guy on phone says sorry there is nothing else they can do. Says I can have a free map pack tho!!! Wtf! 18 days of my life for a map pack!? Thanks for embarrassing me by making me look like a cheater.:(

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                      Its been a little over a month now and I was wondering if theres been any progress on this and if so what? I would be really awesome if this could resolved before the release of the next CoD title please!

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                        I was ranked anywhere from top 10,000 to top 20,000 on every game mode besides infected with my more important one being top #30 on S&R and all of a sudden it was just gone, 21+ days played, that's 480+hrs gone just like that. Was just wondering of there's any new info on this preferably before the next CoD title drops and I sprout grey hairs lol.