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    Is CoD Ghosts terrible because of your feedback?

      Over the life of this game I can't help but notice that alot of the things people are complaining about now, are the EXACT things they said they wanted during BO2.


      When BO2 came out, first and loudest complaint was about all of the maps being too small and that everyone wanted bigger maps. Well you got bigger maps, now the maps are too big.


      BO2 people complained about the knifing abilities, now you have a butter knife and plunge that is sure to get you killed 9 of 10 times if multiple targets are around.


      BO2 it was EMP nade spam, now you have this terrible 9 bang that even if you cook it all the way doesn't destroy equipment.


      BO2 it was claymore/betty heaven, now the ONE OR TWO IED's are considered OP even though they cannot be replenished.


      BO2 the shotguns were considered SOOOO OP, now you have TERRIBLE shotguns with pretty much only the bulldog being the consistent shotgun of choice.


      BO2 the spawn trapping was terrible and people were trapping on the 3 path maps, now with multiple flank routes you are upset.


      BO2 the pistols were too OP, now they are complete trash (P226 is decent at best).


      BO2 noone wanted the perks in sections anymore so they could have more control, well you do have more control now but you still don't want to use anything but the same set of perks that the other 99% of people are using.


      BO2 people hated the target finder, but on this note IW made their version even more OP somehow and came out with the Tracker Sight that provides a highly visible and detailed chalk like outline around players.


      So with all of that being said, is it a doomed situation for the developers to even attempt to satisfy such a broad and varying playerbase with a one size fits all approach? Should they just focus on a style of gameplay that is generally fun and appealing to a majority group without bending every which way for every possible suggestion that gets a bit of traction?

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