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    Voice pack not working?

      Hi all -


      We've heard of people having issues with their voice packs. After selecting the pack and launching into a game the voice commands are the normal announcer.


      Have you run into this issue? If so, we'd love some more information so we can try looking into a fix.


      1. Do you own the game on more than one platform?


      2. Does the voice pack appear in your system memory?


      3. Does the voice pack work in private match?


      4. Do you have the trial DLC downloaded?


      Thank you in advance!

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          Re: Voice pack not working?



          I am having trouble with the DRILL INSTRUCTOR voice over pack. When I first purchased it, it worked fine. Now it never works. I believe it stopped working after I downloaded the latest map set. I am not 100% sure though. I am a season pass holder and I am hoping you could help.

          1. I only own the game on XBOX 360


          2. I don't know... I am away from my machine at the moment. I think maybe not because every time I turn my machine on I have
              to download ALL the map packs... every time.


          3. I only play online, I don't know if it works in a private match.


          4. I don't think I have any trial anything. I'm a season pass holder so I purchased everything.


          I download the Drill Instructor every time I turn on my machine and I change the settings from default to Drill Instructor but it has simply stopped working altogether. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.




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            Re: Voice pack not working?

            My snoop dogg voice pack works fine when im playing alone but when a friend and I play split screen it does not work for me. It stays selected at my default voice pack but doesnt work. Weird if you ask me.

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              Re: Voice pack not working?

              I have the Drill Instructor pack and it won't play, period.


              What's the solution.

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