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    Has The community ruined Call of Duty?


      In the beginning came call of duty 4 modern warfare, one of the best selling call of duty games of all time, why because it was a simple straight forward first person shooter aimed at players 16+, a mature player age range. During that fine eta every one was more sporting, grown up. you could win a match with out having your sexuality questioned or be accused of hacking or camping.


      Then came MW2. from MW2 on ward the community has been flooded with 12 year olds who have had their mothers buy the games for them. most of them are too immature to play a first person shooter properly. players are exploiting flaws in the games, head glitching, bad spawning, overpowerd custom class combinations, and map glitches.  And what dose infinity ward do, they pander to this growing minority because they can make a profit.This infuriates the older more mature players and makes them just as childish.


      And then came COD ghosts the most dumbed down FPS game ever, the weapons are easier to use, thay can kill fast with little recoil from across the map, the maps have more camping spots because they are bigger and the progress system Is totally back wards you have all the powerful perks and weapons unlocked by default.

      Personally I am appalled by the brake down of this community why wont people just grow up.


      The only reason why I still play cod is because I don't want the immature portion of the community to put me off playing a game that I do like. our frustrations have all ways been on how people behave in any community. Advanced warfare dose look good and I for one am looking forward to it, but at the same time I dread what the community will bring to this game, The same appalling behaviour that has been witnessed throughout Call of Duty.


      I hope that sledgehammer learns from infinity ward and treyarchs stupidity and make Advanced warfare as good as COD4. IF NOT I AM FINISHED WITH COD FOR EVER I MEAN IT!

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          I think Ghosts is justified by it's "dumbed down-ness". Black Ops II was such a clusterfuck of bs that only two opinions were had of the game; those that hated it for being incredibly unbalanced and those that loved it because they easily manipulated the spawns, scorestreaks, and much easier to use weapons.


          Ghosts TTK is no different than before. The game functions a lot better than past CoDs and I've come to learn that most of the glimpses of lag that I see are caused by drop frames not from netcode issues but rather a poor translation from when ported.


          The community does ruin the game though. They usually hold unreasonable expectations for various elements of the game. They want fast chaotic play but safe spawns, they want powerful SMGs and closequarter weapons but don't want to die fast, they want powerful airsupport but not to be killed by them.


          The community is selfish and to make matters worse they're pretty stupid when it comes to realistic and logical sense. They want to play a game tightly based on realistic military principles but at the same time want the game to be something it's not. Regardless of which way the game takes itself or portrays itself it can never be fantasy and realistic at the same time. Because of this the community will never be happy but instead of accepting this and playing the game for what it really is they would rather whine and complain trying to get the developers to do the impossible. The developers try to compromise with them for the sake of keeping customer satisfaction up and as a result we get awkward balancing and horrible features.

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              That was beautiful, son.

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                Mechanically the game is sound. The hit detection is near perfect and I hardly have any lag issues.

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                  The majority of the community is very dumb and ignorant about how the game is played and put together. It's just frustrating when IW tries to tweak a sound game such as this one because players can't adjust their tactics to a game which makes you rely more on personal skill as opposed to overpowered streaks that a monkey could get while playing with his feet. I say IW should stick to their guns, push their type of game and not budge from it. Address the technical issues and ignore the 10 year olds and bad kids who cry because their gun of choice doesn't get them beastly W/L and KD ratios.

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                    I would agree with most of what you posted if you said the SMG community. Their posts are agenda filled and transparently dishonest. If you haven't noticed all the changes have been to appease one group because they just aren't that good. Does this sound familiar, quick scoping isn't realist and snipers are taking advantage of a glitch so sniper rifles must be nerfed. Then they turn around and say things like dead silence should be completely silent and the ability to avoid IED by jumping, crouching or going prone should be possible. And they love the fact the game allows unrealistic things like jump shooting. So remove the unrealistic parts of the game that the SMG group doesn't like but leave or make new "glitches" that help their game. How stupid and dishonest is that logic and they actually post stuff like that and believe it's intelligent. But this doesn't happens if you didn't have people actually making those changes. So they are not the only ones to blame.


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                      I agree that the community is ruining the game. I disagree that the perception of lag is being downplayed. Lag has gotten progressively worse the past three COD's. There is NO excuse for that, P2P or dedicated servers. Technology can allow for improvement in all areas of gaming. It's a known fact that the game engine for Ghosts is NOT a new engine, but a tweaked version. Which means the devs are too fricken cheap to improve upon it without making more money from it first. If the game engine were improved to match with current technology I have no doubt that lag would be more reasonable. The inclusion of dedicated servers for ALL would help. As anyone who's played a game (i.e. BF) over dedicated servers has seen this. Titanfall would be unplayable over consoles if there weren't dedicated servers.


                      Update the engine and get on with it. It would help if Microsoft made a gaming only XBoxOne. I have other means of watching TV. I don't need my gaming console to do that. A gaming only console would naturally be cheaper, and Microsoft would sell more units. Simple.

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                      This community really grinds my gear at times. In many lobbies I've been in, I hear someone whining about how OP something is, questioning sexuality/race/mental health, whining how the person was "camping" when he/she used cover to take them out. Too bad i can't pick my poison, i would deal with bs in high school any day.


                      This COD is good, but there comes a patch like the IED one recently that makes no sense where crouching on it or jumping into it lets you survive. IW should've reworked it in some way instead of just doing that. I hear lots of whining over how OP the shotguns are when for being a primary they have too little range, and people just happen to rush in to those ranges.

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                        My opinion on this subject varies from the majority. I believe that Call of Duty 4 was when the game first got "dumbed" down. Call of Duty 2 was the most balanced title of the series and in my opinion it had the highest skill gap. I agree that the series is progressively getting worse and I believe that's because of the new generation of "gamers". People want instant gratification and do not want to be challenged via gameplay. I don't feel as though I should have everything unlocked from the start and I don't think I need to awarded for every little action I perform. I prefer to keep coming back because of the gameplay and not for new items to play Barbie with.

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                          The community hasn't changed. Accept it or not, folks were just as poorly behaved in CoD4.


                          What HAS changed is the community's sense of entitlement. Everyone feels like the game should be tailored specifically for them and their wants and needs, which has led to games that try to make everyone happy rather than producing a great game overall.