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    Wishes for the fourth and final classic map?


      Chances are IW has already decided which of their old maps will return in the Nemesis pack. But maybe not. In that case...


      ...if you could choose any map to be revived from CoD4, MW2 or MW3 that isn't Scrapyard, Dome or Favela, what would it be?


      Although I would love Pipeline to return more than any other map, it is older and much larger than what CoD is used to these days. It probably wouldn't be too desired by the community at large. Therefore if I had to pick a very familiar map that everyone loved dearly, it would be Highrise.


      As an added bit of fun, you guys should also suggest a unique field order for the returning map of your choice. For Highrise, I would suggest that a B-2 stealth bomber carpet bomb the entire rooftop, from crane side to helipad side. This would have two effects on top of just killing enemies. First, the bomber would destroy the crane, causing it to tilt and crash down onto the rooftop, showering the AC unit side of the map in a trap of steel and debris. This would make it so the lower pathways of the AC unit side are blocked off and players are unable to cross, and it would also render the top catwalk on Highrise inaccessible, as the crane is gone. Second, the bomber (as well as the steel shower from the crane) would destroy the helicopter and the helipad in an explosion of fire, smoke and metal, causing the helipad to destabilize, crumble and fall down, creating a large field of debris. It would render the hallways through and underneath the helipad inaccessible. As an ending result, on top of carpeting the map with an airstrike, obliterating players, this field order would essentially ensure that the only way to cross the map is to go down the wide-open center, effectively removing all other pathways (both sides' lower hallways [AC unit pathways and helipad hallways]) from the equation of gameplay. This would make for some interesting firefights, especially during Domination matches. If this idea is too hard to picture then I apologize.


      Anyways, give it to me guys! Lemme know what you guys want. I'm curious.

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          My wishlist would be for them to turn ghosts in cod4 with better graphics, or just bring back shipment, but honestly i kinda miss the whole uav airstrike chopper, and honestly if they remade cod4 with next gen graphics i would def get it but i guess for now were headed to the future with halo jumping titanfall wall climbing and whatever else is next hopefully its now to far-fetched and turns out to be good, which is should i can honestly say i haven't played a bad cod (waw prob worst but still good) so i cant complain. Sorry just went way off topic, last mappack should be huge thou a couple new maps and a couple fan favorites from each cod, 2-3 new guns and killstreaks but thats prob to much to ask but i think they should go out with a bang

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            Personally I want new maps. If IW were going to resell old maps I would not have bought the season pass. This is laziness on their part. All old maps should be free since there is virtually no work for them to release.


            If they want to release a free old map I would prefer Overgrown, Bloc, Estate, Wasteland, Derail or Pipeline. It would be a reality check for those who endlessly spew that COD was always a fast paced arcade shooting when they complain about the sizes of original Ghosts maps.

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              I want new maps, NOT ones i have already paid for in previous Cod's. Also the 3 map pack DLCs so far have catered more to the run and gunner with small to medium maps. Would it be too much to ask for at least one medium to large map for guys like myself who like to move around tatically, rather than constant in your face rushing?

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                  You are missing the point of the thread. Again, let me explain so everyone can understand a little easier.


                  This is not a suggestion thread. This is purely a "for fun" thread for the purpose of sharing your opinions on what classic map you would want if they brought us a fourth. Since there will be a fourth classic map inevitably, there is no reason to argue and whine that you do not want one. There is no reason to try and tell everyone that we don't need one, because a fourth one is coming.


                  By the way, any map at all from Infinity Ward's last three titles would still blow away any map they could attempt to create today. The creators of today are not the creators of yesterday.


                  So again, since there will be a fourth one, and any attempt to change the developers' minds is absolutely futile, tell us. Which map would you want to return as the fourth if you had to choose, since one is coming no matter what?

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                      Nothing to do with missing the point. As this is an open thread you have to contend with differing opinions than your own. Seems you are in love with the "old". Why not just put in your old MW2 disc instead and play it instead?  Not everyone likes old reskinned maps, Deal with it!

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                        hey m8, to say NO to old maps, but YES to only NEW is also an option, if you like it or not! and when people say, they want new ones instead of old it's something you should respect too, AS, as you said, it became a trend to sell old maps and they do whatever happens in next DLC too, BUT, with threads like yours it doesn't help to avoid this trend many, me included, feel as a lazy a** work by IW AND simply feel the need to show that they DON'T want old ones by entering discussions like this here and want to make that point clear!

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                            You guys are slow in the head. Read this.


                            Since a remake is unavoidable and will be coming to Nemesis no matter what, this thread is for discussing which map you would want to return if you were given the choice of a remake. And I mean only given the choice of a remake, not a fourth map. It is a thread for fun and for exchanging nostalgic opinions on which classic map you think would most deserve to return. What is so hard about that? I respect your opinions to desire only new maps, but that isn't what this thread is about. And trust me, my thread is not affecting the trend at all. Because IW doesn't listen to the little man remember? Even if they did, they have the mental capacity to read and understand ideas before spewing forth their negative opinions. Literally almost every single one of you people in this community do absolutely nothing but b*tch and moan when the developers don't cater to your every single whim. You never have a positive thought to contribute, and you are completely incapable of basic reading comprehension. All it ever is around here is me, me, me. So many rude, self-centered people.


                            This thread is not about whether you want a remake or not. If it was, I would have asked "Hey guys, do you want a fourth remake in Nemesis or not?"

                            You don't want them. I heard you loud and clear. This thread is about which map would you most like to return since one is coming anyway. Would you rather decide the fourth remake, or let IW decide for you? Follow your usual trend and just pick one yourself for the spirit of the thread. Thanks.

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                        MW2 Skidrow was a fantastic map.  Also Derail.  MW3 Hardhat was a favorite.


                        I'd give anything for more night maps, rain.snow maps.  Variety in weather and time of day would help alleviate the boredom more than 4 new maps at the same time of day in the same climate.

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                          I've been craving some Skidrow and maybe even Overgrown. If I were to want a map back it would be a map that's not in recent memory and one that was super popular. Honestly I could accept a "map of week". Something they throw into the rotation like a gamemode that can be dropped in at any moment. However, I do not want wish to pay for something old.

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                            Map: Highrise

                            When you get to the top of the crane you get an mw2 noob tube with unlimited ammo and danger close.

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                              Just based on map size of Ghosts maps, I wouldn't mind a remake of underpass from MW2.

                              The killstreak for the map could be a giant EMP detonation like from MW2, with similar aesthetics as the old game, and with the effect of the aftermath of a KEM strike (disabled electronics for a full minute). Also, the EMP could disrupt some sort of reskinned machine part of the map, which could play a part in the map as well.

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                                Highrise had very little variety to it. It was just a glorified clusterfk. Future maps should have at least two to three levels above ground to keep it interesting and challenging.


                                "Pods" in BO2 was complete garbage. What was the point of having levels of pods if you could only play in the ground level pods? It was a stupid design from the get go. But that's what BO2 was anyway.


                                I'm looking forward to the "Favela" rebuild. I actually like that map a lot. It had enough variety and choices where you could get to the lazy campers, and shoot from a distance, as well as close quarters. Wish more COD maps were like that. Favela was proof that you could make a good COD map without having to make it large. It was well designed, in my view.

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                                  Preferably Crossfire. All the above maps with the exception of District were well balanced maps that ANY class could do well in, and not maps that only one set could do exceptionally well. District was everything but the Sniper Rifle class.


                                  MW2 (in order or pref):







                                  Lol, hah, right. None stood out as something I would bring back.


                                  For sheer carnage:
                                  BOTH Rust and Shipment together with a return of MW2 style Headquarters and HC HQ, say a "Carnage Gift Mappack"

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                                    I for one am a huge fan of remade maps. I think they're a nice tip of the cap to the classic games. If IW released a map pack containing nothing but re-imagined maps, I'd definitely buy it (assuming they were good maps). Anyway, it's too hard for me to pick only one map from the MW series to be brought back so I'll just give my pick for each MW game.


                                    MW1- Overgrown. Yes I know, it's already been brought back in a past COD but that doesn't change anything. It was a great map that anyone could do well on regardless of their playstyle. It made for some amazing matches.


                                    MW2- Estate. I can't imagine all the memories that I've forgotten about this map. Let alone the ones I remember. Such a great map.


                                    MW3- Mission. There were a lot of fun maps in MW3 but this one stands alone at the top. It was one of the most unique maps in COD history and once again, a map that anyone could do well on.


                                    I was originally going to put a possible field order for each map but all I could think of was bringing in the Terminator with a minigun. However, he doesn't really fit on any of these maps so I decided to skip out on the field orders. Maybe if you could re-imagine one as a post-apocalyptic town then it would work.

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                                      Railyard/Stalingrad would be a great map to bring back. One of my all time favorite maps of the franchise.

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                                        I'm weird and would like to see Rust come back, but expanded on to be larger...I can already imagine the chaos

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                                          I'd love Salvage, Trailer Park, Highrise, Skidrow or Karachi to come back. Hopefully it's Karachi.

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                                            I've been nostalgic lately and playing a lot of the older games.  It's hard to pick one, so I'll just throw out a few:


                                            MW1 - Bloc or Vacant.

                                            MW2 - Karachi or Invasion

                                            MW3 - Seatown, Lockdown, Village or Mission


                                            I know MW3 gets a lot of flack on these forums, but really enjoyed almost every map.  Strangely enough the one map I didn't really care for was Dome, which has already been remade.


                                            I'm not creative enough to come up with unique field orders.  Mortar strikes, KEMs and such would be fine with me.  Playing the previous titles lately really has helped me better appreciate Ghosts, not that I thought it was that bad before.  Honestly throughout the history of the franchise the number of maps I didn't like could be counted on one hand and it's normally the maps that the majority prefer: Dome, Nuketown, Wasteland, Hijacked.

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                                              I've seen a topic like this before and I've always wondered, "Why not pick one from the first or second CoD game?" We don't always need to have a map from recent games (MW3, BO2, MW2, etc.).




                                              That being said, I would like to see POW Camp return. It would give nice corners to go around, couple open areas to shoot down and cross, a few buildings to enter, and it couple be either a light or dark map as well as winter or spring (which could be coded to be light/dark and winter/spring on a random interval and always changing).


                                              The Field Order could be based on what same you were placed on (which honestly, wouln't be too hard to code). The Ghost's Order could be Prison Riot (where a few prisoners riot and go after the opposing team) and the Federation's Order could be Warden's Orders (where you can see gas canisters be thrown in for the edges of the map and the maps fulls up with toxic gas that kills the opposing team). Both ideas obiviously need work and fine-tuning, but having Orders based on what team you're placed on would make for an interesting twist.

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                                                I say they bring back carrier from black ops 2.  But this time open up more of the ship and make the under deck area bigger and make a way up onto part of the boat that used to hang over the underground area.

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                                                  Hardhat was definitely one my favorites. I loved getting triple kills on campers in the tube, with a launcher, then setting up a turret for their return.

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                                                    I would Love to see any of these maps introduced again:

                                                    Mission - MW3

                                                    Hardhat - MW3

                                                    Sea Town - MW3

                                                    Arcaden - MW3

                                                    Highrise - MW2


                                                    And even though its not questioned I would love to see Demolition and Team Defender return.

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                                                      Maybe a large map for a change rather than their constant small to medium, and maybe increasing lobbies up to 24-32 players would counter the size of a large map.