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    All EE's (XBOX 360)

      I am looking to do ALL EE's on BO1, BO2 and the Call of Duty: Zombies app. The order would be:

      1. Plain game of Nacht der Untoten
      2. Plain game of Verruct
      3. Peter's Grave on Call of Duty: Zombies Shi No Numa
      4. Fly Trap on Der Riese
      5. Plain game of Kino der Toten
      6. Plain game of Five
      7. Casimir Mechanism on Ascension
      8. Ensemble Cast on Call of the Dead
      9. Time Travel Will Tell on Shangri-La
      10. Richtofen's Grand Scheme on Moon
      11. Multiplayer game on Nuketown
      12. Round 25 on Nuketown Zombies
      13. The Cycle Continues... on Mob of the Dead
      14. Tower of Babble, High Maintenance, and Mined Games on Richtofen's side
      15. The Cycle is Broken on Mob of the Dead
      16. Tower of Babble, High Maintenance, and Mined Games on Maxis' side
      17. Little Lost Girl on Origins
      18. Defeat Cosmic Silverback on Dead Ops Arcade

      If there are any questions on the order of EE's, please feel free to ask in the comment section. Dead Ops Arcade is for a fun celebration. I will be available starting Thursday afternoon. Reply here if you are interested with your Gamertag. I'll send you a friend request.


      My Gamertag is M16 EPIC.