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    Improving your game in Ghosts - the challenge

      Back in BO2 there was a couple of challenge threads out there that were based on helping people get better at the game.  It's a little late in the game cycle for Ghosts but I still see a lot of new accounts playing online and based on a number of the complaint threads, I think that there are some folks out there that could really benefit from seeing how other people find success.  So for the purpose of this thread, I'd like to see gameplays from those of you that do well and I'd like for you to give us your best tips for why what you did in the gameplay was so successful.  Getting high streaks is useful but I'd like to open things up to just good solid gameplay.  Even if you didn't get a high streak doing it.  Show us where you put on a solid performance.  Maybe you dominated the lobby?  Maybe you clutched the win despite having to sacrifice your stats in the process?  Let's see how you play.  The only rule here is that you have to win the match.  I don't care if you camped your way to victory or if you rushed your way there or if you Crushed it all the way.  If you have something instructional that you feel the community could benefit from seeing then put it out there.  Now for rule number 2, be respectful.  This thread is for helping people.  So keep that in mind when you comment.  Even if someone plays in a way that you don't particularly like, there is something to be learned from it.  Perhaps understanding their style better will help you the next time that you come up against someone using it.  To kick things off I have two very different gameplay styles for your enjoyment.  The first being how I normally like to play (Crushing) and the second is a clinic on how to Camp.

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          In this first TDM video, I'm up against a team of campers basically.  They are not all hard core camping but for the most part that's exactly what they are doing.  The biggest thing in dealing with campers is to understand your lines of sight.  You'll notice in just about every engagement that I get in I'm giving my opponent very little opportunity to shoot me.  I'm attacking them from their flanks often and I'm making sure that they have a hard angle to turn to find me as often as possible.  Additionally, I'm using the fact that they really want to camp to my advantage.  I know that once I kill them they are going to try and post up again.  So I'm looking for them in their next logical post up spot and trying to catch them running to it.  If you want to beat campers, you have to know the maps very well.  I end up going 35 and 5 with 4 assists with a  Helo Pilot in a 75 to 33 victory.


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            Re: Improving your game in Ghosts - the challenge

            In my second post I'm showcasing the camping side of gaming.  If you are going to camp, you need to know how to do it well.  First and foremost don't sit in some obscure corner.  Find a high traffic area and own it.  Make sure that you use an area that has lots of walls and/or stuff to keep your backside covered.  Then you need to do three things.  One let the enemy come to you, two keep them guessing as to where you will be and three check your flank frequently.  Come to think of it there's actually a fourth.  Know when the spawn flips.  If you can do these things then you will rack up the kills very quickly.  Granted this method works best in TDM or KC but it can be adapted to DOM if you are smart in how you work the flags.  I finish the match 27 and 6 with 1 assist and a Loki in a 75 to 36 victory.



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