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    Looking for a ps3 clan


      i am looking for a good clan around lvl 20

      my KD is 1.92

      I'm 6th prestige

      win lose ratio is 1.7

      and i have a headset



      Psn: Watermann_1957

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          Ik zoek ook een clan.

          6th prestige is wel chill man. Ik ben nog geen prestige, maar hopelijk wel snel. Ik zou graag met landgenoten willen gamen, maar je kan toch geen party starten of is dat nu wel mogelijk?

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            Evening Yolo_Nl your more than welcome of giving my clan a try were level 25 red tags and in diamond division were only a small clan  my clan is CARNAGE CREW UK 

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                thank goodness for google translate... watermann_1957 if you are interested in joining a us based level 25 clan then please register on our website..





                gelukkig voor google translate ... watermann_1957 als je geïnteresseerd bent in deelname aan een ons gebaseerd level 25 clan dan kunt u zich inschrijven op onze website ..




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                We won the Tokyo clan wars by 300 CP and had 6/8 nodes held.  We are a very active and friendly clan.


                We are currently lvl 14


                There no website to apply on, no waiting period to get accepted.  Just apply in the app and you will be accepted


                If you are looking for a clan, give us a try.  The only requirement is that your an active player.


                Search for coffeenated in the app or reply

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                                           photo MGSFbutton.jpg

                                                          current contest and prize:  Metal Gear Special Forces Clan

                                                          youtube: www.youtube.com/MetalGearSFclan

                                                          Facebook: www.facebook.com/metalgearsf


                  Come and check out the MGSF(PS3).We are a lvl 24 clan at 47 members from all walks of life. We are currently in alliance with FootClanGaming (Xbox). We only have one real rule as far as being a clan and that is clan mates before anyone else. Meaning, clan mates in party before pick-ups.We run contests from time to time for members to win prizes. We are a tight knit group of individuals with all different play styles and different play types.

                  check us out.


                   photo MGSFFOOT.jpg

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                    Give is a try battlebuddy. We just started a clan and currently recruiting members and looking for one more Lt. Commander

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                      Ghosts Clan Info

                      Name: Uruk-hai ~ Tag: OrK

                      Members: 9 ~ Level: 20


                      We Are

                      Looking for mature PS3 & PS4

                      Casual Gamers who simply enjoy the game

                      *No KD Requirements
                      *No Testing or Tryouts

                      *No Website Sign ups

                      How to Join

                      Contact - JayB_88 On PSN


                      Using the call of duty app search for our name and click apply

                      Other Info

                      BOPS 2 Level: 37 ~ MW3 Level: 43

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                        Check out illusionGamingx Clan! we are all active and are in Diamond division we have won every single Clan wars which has occurred over the past and we will win the future wars aswell! Add iGx_TricKz PSN for recruitment stage we would love to speak to you x