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      I'm here to talk about my key points on what exactly is wrong with Matchmaking.

      1.)  Why am I being forced into Lobbies where I'm the one guy who keeps a consistent and positive K/D while my teammates are typically lower?  Matchmaking should be based on skill and such, with connections also playing an important role, but for all the good a ping-based system (or whatever it is,) seems to be doing for anyone's lag, I don't see why anyone bothered.


      • 1A.)  Why is it nearly every time my team's full of scrubs, the enemy team has someone packing a 2~4+ K/D that even makes me look bad, but the matchmaking engine is convinced it's a fair match-up?  I should be put into a Lobby with people almost all my skill level, a few slightly lower, a few slightly higher.  I should be tested, not slaughtered or slaughtering. 


      2.)  Why haven't you put a "Disable Joining Games In-Progress" option so I don't get thrown into a Lobby that's 28 to 60 so I can have my ratio drop because the team was ****?  It's unfair to the better players who just want to get on and play some decent games to be thrown into a game with a bunch of idiots who obviously aren't anywhere near their skill. 


      • 2A.)  Why is it after leaving a game/match, the ******* matchmaking system thinks it's a great idea to throw you back into the same god forsaken lobby time and time again?  I leave a lobby and try to find a new one, right back in the same mess AND I even get to lose my previous progress towards the match!  Yay for Down Syndrome Developers?!  How else can you react to this, other than to be frustrated?


      • 2B.)  Whoever's bright idea it was to PUNISH leavers in COD: Ghosts, you've been officially diagnosed with Asperger's.  I can honestly say I appreciate the system's intent, but you needed to polish the system quite a bit more before releasing it.  If I'm going to be punished for leaving, then you need to guarantee I won't end up back in that lobby again just so I can either take the loss and stay, or leave again for OH BOY, ANOTHER FREE LOSS, COURTESY OF ACTIVISION! Thanks for making the game so intrinsically infuriating and poorly thought out.

      3.)  I keep hearing that COD: Ghosts has tried a new system where better connections are slightly dampened to improve the connection of those with worse connections; if there is a single grain of truth to this, I don't think there's much hope for any of the next COD's.  Especially if they come from the same guys who developed Ghosts.  If it's false information, I'd like to know why I keep hearing it then.



      If anyone knows anything, do tell.

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          Re: Matchmaking

          Nothing's perfect in this world. I mean, don't get me wrong, I  also find some of your points to be good, but I don't think it would help much in most cases.


          1-1A) It's a great idea but, in a contradiction, it would also be boring as well. If this happened, you wouldn't have much challenge and you won't really know how much you improved the game if you are playing with the same caliber as yours. I mean, you won't really grow unless you've have had challenge.


          2) Everyone deserves the right to play. I mean, you purchased a console and also pay for your connection, so no matter what your skill ranking is, you would still have the right to play online and also, that's matchmaking. There are also several factors affecting them other than what you mentioned.

              2A) Read out this link: Activision Support

              2B) Wouldn't really be fair for those players who are also trying out their best to stay in matches. If you're sole intention is to rage quit everytime you are losing games, doesn't see really give out much point for the game.


          3) Haven't heard of that but, would also be a great idea if that would happen.

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