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    How would Dirty Harry do it?

      Okay. This one is going to be epic. It has to be because, well, when you're as old as Clint Eastwood, you are an epic! Yes, I'm looking at Call of Duty, from COD: MW to COD: AW and I'm asking ...


      How would Dirty Harry do it?



      Yes, I am turning this into a full on series. I have one coming up I think will be kinda funny. But the first four I figure needed to reflect manly-men ways of playing Call of Duty. Rambo, John Wayne, Kojak, and Dirty Harry – these guys are from the very old school of how to get stuff done. These are like your Grampa’s and Great-Grampa’s. Except for Rambo, these guys ... don't cry. Except for Kojak, these guys ... don't whine. And no matter what ... they get the job done!


      Anyway, Dirty Harry. Dirty Harry is decidedly 100% pure Run & Gun. But he’s the real deal, not a wanna-be Run & Gun crazy, headless chicken.


      Dirty Harry would be a solo, lone-wolf player.

      Dirty Harry evaluates the other team first. Yes, he evaluates the entire opposing team because, to be honest, if you’re on Dirty Harry’s team, you’re nothing but a decoy. He doesn’t need you on his team. In fact, he’d be better off if you just sat this one out. Dirty Harry can take on 1000s of opponents at one time – as soon as he earns his kill streak reward, he can do it, no problem … as seen in this still taken from one of his most famous matches, The Guantlet.

      guantlet bus.jpg

      Yeah, there is no other COD player ever that was so good his matches have names!



      Dirty Harry would play for the multi-kill.

      That was an epic match! Here’s another one from that same match where he takes on a dozen dudes AND steals their kill streak reward, a nice Harley! And not only does he steal the bike, he fricking takes out the hole dam helicopter, not just the sniper!

      guantlet biker dudes.jpggauntlet bike.jpg

      gauntlet helo.jpg

      That’s skill, bro! Who needs a weapon buff/nerf when you got Dirty Harry Run & Gun skills?!


      Dirty Harry ALWAYS  has a plan ... even if he has to think on the fly.


      But let’s consider some live action of Dirty Harry. Here’s Dirty Harry thinking about how he’s going to deal with the guys on the opposing team in a Ground War match …

      clint eastwood


      Dirty Harry would use psychology and he would be good at it, too.

      Dirty Harry is definitely not afraid of other R&G guys, though. Check him out here dealing with a guy coming at him with a 2-ton streak reward!

      dirty harry 2

      How many COD players do you know that would step right out in front of a streak reward and take it out?!


      Dirty Harry NEVER gets flanked. Never.

      I mean, just watch this classic move! And he's not even using Awareness!!!

      western gunshot


      Dirty Harry can handle ANY camper. ANY CAMPER.


      Dirty Harry dealing with some campers that have bedded down …

      Lady Gaga Beautiful Dirty Rich


      Oh crud! Honestly, I’m not sure how Lady Gaga slipped into this mix. Somehow my “Dirty Harry” search got mixed up with a “Dirty Leg” search. Oops.


      No, here's what Dirty Harry does to campers. Check this out - Gene Hackman (a genuine badass himself!) decided in another, epic match that is famously remembered as, The Unforgiven, to try camping against Dirty Harry. Yeah, here's Dirty Harry taking out Gene after Gene bedded down with some campers in the saloon!


      Cold. That's just cold.


      Dirty Harry would take on a whole team of campers, no problem.

      clint eastwood


      Dirty Harry would hard scope.

      Clint Eastwood





      Oh, here we go. Classic Dirty Harry running & gunning …

      clint eastwood


      Dirty Harry is such a good R&G guy that he instills confidence in younger gamers to try copping a feel …

      Ryan Bored By Eastwood

      Rumor has it she later told Paul, "You'll never be as dirty as Harry." I don't know if that's true, though.


      Dirty Harry can deal with spawn traps.

      Oh, and Dirty Harry doesn’t even need a gun to handle a spawn trap …

      Glistening Beauty


      Dirty Harry would never show mercy.

      clint  eastwood


      Dirty Harry would never need weighted perks.


      Two more to go. Dirty Harry shows that he knows how to pick his perks wisely. He takes on a quick scoper here using a secret Ballistic Vest!

      Clint Eastwood Wins



      Last, but not least, Dirty Harry is exactly like John Wayne in the most important ways. First, as you can see, if you ask Dirty Harry what’s “over powered,” he would respond, “Me.” He doesn’t need any buffs or nerfs. Second, Dirty Harry hates purple stars for “trying.” Dirty Harry likes to go for the gold!

      eastwood clint eastwood


      So what do you think?


      How would Dirty Harry do it?

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