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    Disc Error imagefile 12

      I keep gettin a Disc error imagefile 12 when playing multiplayer...any idea how i can fix this?? please help im frustrated.

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          Re: Disc Error imagefile 12

          Try cleaning the disc off. If it is flawless and still is not working it could be a manufacturing defect, it does happen every so often. These flaws are usually undetectable by human eye. Try exchanging the game from where you purchased it. Most stores will allow exchanges on games with a receipt, if they are not working properly. Hope you get it working.

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            Re: Disc Error imagefile 12

            Hey there,


            As far as I know, image file error is mainly a build error on consoles wherein, a data or like a bad sector on the drive cannot read


            an update for the game.  Try to install 50GB of free demos, game or anything on console console before you reodownload


            the game. In doing this, they will be no bad sector on your drive. Also, use wired connection.


            Hope that helps.

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