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    Recruiting Members for a Clan [Wii U]


      Phantoms is now recruiting if anyone is interested, the link to the website is www.phtm.weebly.com.

      Some basic information:


      • You have to be a mature 12 year old or 13+ years of age to join
      • There are some basic rules such as no hacking, boosting etc
      • Phantoms is exclusively a Wii U clan for Black Ops 2 and Call of Duty; Ghosts
      • There are many different subdivisions/options to take in Phantoms
      • There is a Chat, Forum and Event calendar on the website
      • There are only a couple members as of now however we are looking to expand the amount of people in the clan
      • (I) Shad0wfish was originally called s0ulfish however decided to have a clean slate in gaming. I was a prestige 6 in Black Ops 2 and recently have bought Call Of Duty; Ghosts.
      • Phantoms was created by Shad0wfish.
      • Having a Mic is optional however is preferred.