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    Many Questions About Multiplayer Issues.

           Hello all. I am new here, and I am THOROUGHLY confused about my bad multiplayer experiences. Firstly, I have a Linksys-Cisco router I decided to start a quest for better multiplayer after many months of latency-filled (laggy) gameplay. So, in order to fix this, I jumped into the land of "NAT Types" and "Port-Forwarding," and the like. Basically, I've had TERRIBLE lag. It's inconsistent, but, at the same time, constant. Sometimes, it's just a little. However, a lot of the time, I see people running in place (it's that bad), and then I get kicked. It always says "Lost connection to host/server." So, many internet articles later, I try, without success to change my NAT Type to "Open" (It did change for a while, but quickly regressed back to "Moderate."). I recently moved my console (X-Box 1) to the same room as my router, as the original location had terrible internet connection. Yet, my NAT Type remained "Moderate" and my game, laggy. So, I disabled the UPnP, and tried port forwarding all the following ports:


      • TCP:     80
      • UDP:    88, 500, 3544, 4500, 3075, 3076
      • TCP and UDP:  53, 3074

        (I hope all of the above are the correct ports, I got them here, please correct if any are incorrectly forwarded.


      This proved futile, so I looked into establishing a "Static IP address" for the X-Box, but could not figure out how to do so. Does anyone have any suggestions for me, or should I establish a static IP address for the X-Box (if so, please help me understand how to do this on a Linksys-Cisco router)? This fix isn't just for this game. I am more worried about the performance of upcoming games (Destiny, Advanced Warfare, etc.).

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