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    OMG the lag after the patch


      Right before I go on a rant I've never really complained about the lag on ghosts I've had very little lag compared to bops2. Since the patch today I played 3 games and switched lobby after every game and I was skipping all over the place the lag is horrendous unplayable. Why is it every year the game gets worse after every patch ?

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          No kidding, I was placed in European and Japanese lobbies when I first downloaded the patch after having "No Games Found" for the first little bit. Hopefully when everyone else downloads the patch, everything will return to normal again.

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            Patch lag tends to clear up within a couple of days as it can take awhile for enough people to actually get the update.  Being an early adopter, you found yourself in a very limited pool of players for matchmaking.  The good news is that the weekend is almost upon us and by then everyone that's playing will have the patch.