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    Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

      Okay, look I have always bought COD for pc since cod 4. I have to say I am used to all the complaining on all the COD titles and it's whatever just whining 90% of the time. They all played well and still have decent player populations that you find games fast(BLOP2,MW3).

      But for Ghosts it seems the whining is not whining anymore and that this game really is buggy as hell. I need an HONEST answer.

      IS this game still worth buying even after all the patches that have been released to date or is it really just that much of train wreck?

      I mean I have seen the steam stats:

      current players    peak players

      2,9606,528 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Multiplayer
      2,9054,905 Call of Duty: Ghosts - Multiplayer

      I know the ghost numbers are lower than previous CODs in their first years. But still looks like you could finds games quickly under 20 secs?



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          Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

          This game is not worth buying. Avoid this game. Avoid all Hacktivision games because all they care about is money and MLG not the average hardworking gamer that works 9 to 5 Monday through Friday.

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            Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?


            Purely and Simply No.

            No just no.

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              Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

              Also simply, no.

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                Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?



                Not now or any title from these skanks in the future.

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                  Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                  You gotta remember most people only come to the forums to complain, so you are going to get mostly negative responses from here. Maybe wait for the next free weekend to try it out, or get a friend to family share to you if you are not sure.

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                    Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                    For PC from all I have heard and seen it is very bad.

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                      Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                      Wrong the game is not bad the cheating players making it bad, bit soon the idiots will get banned.


                      this comes from MPGH:


                      VAC is now enabled

                      and therfore, IW is most likey going to ban cheaters within few weeks. So pay attention while using hacks/trainers.

                      I will be making this thread to hopefully clear up some confusion or to clear up some arguments I've been having with some people about this topic.

                      There IS an anti-cheat system in Call of Duty: Ghosts. The question is, how strong/capable is it?

                      The following image shows a process being opened to check what kind of DLL's and/or modules were loaded into the game's process. (Thanks to master131)

                      Now we don't know what kind of DLL it's checking for, but we do know it's checking for something.

                      Second thing I wanted to touch upon was game recording by IW.

                      Some people think that if they don't have to feature (theater mode) their games aren't being recorded/snapshotted.

                      FALSE, I have no proof whether your games are or are not being recorded, by my personal opinion is your games are being screenshotted/recorded somehow by the game itself. Again, it is an opinion and NOT a fact.

                      I don't think IW would make a game where wallhackers and aimbotters can just go in and hack all they want without some way of stopping it. How do you think reporting a player works? When you report a player for cheating, there has to be a way for IW to check the person's game to see if they really were hacking or not.

                      To anyone who disagrees with this, please leave a comment on this thread and tell me why you disagree with some kind of proof/screenshot.

                      I hope this cleared up some shenanigans, thanks for reading (Thanks to MaroonishBlood for original post)

                      Below you can read IW's Ghosts Code of Conduct:

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                        Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                        It,s not my thinking, the text is from the MPGH forum.

                        but if you think nothing will happen, oke its your party as long it go,s on.

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                          Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                          Yehh you are the King so you are the best in town.

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                            Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                            Oke you are better in games, but in RL you have to learn a couple of things.

                            I dont allow you to correct me I am not a schoolboy.

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                              Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                              The problem with free weekends is that it, in my experience, is free-way to try out the hacks and so on.

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                                Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?


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                                  Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                                  Buy it if you want to do any combination of the following:

                                  • use hacks/mods
                                  • play only the campaign mode
                                  • play only squads mode (AI not pubs)
                                  • play only extinction*


                                  *blatant hackers are now playing extinction as well. It's rare but possible.


                                  As far as game specs go, I rate it on-par with MW3 graphics. I have an i5, 16GB RAM and a gtx760. "Hackers" aside, pubs are mostly smooth with the rare lag spike here and there. I tend to see the occasional player suffering from lag (they're doing the running man) other than me suffering from it. Lag-comp on the other hand, although uncommon, is unavoidable and will lead to WTF deaths.


                                  Then there's the infested with hackers debate. I side with the 'yes, it's a problem' camp. With 1k hours under my belt, I am a poorer player in pubs than when this game released. That is entirely infeasible and makes me side with the yay-sayers. I believe this is why player count is down which negatively impacts getting into a game. Less than 30s to join a lobby? Sure, but then you wait effing forever (minutes) to get the 8-player minimum which gets reset with every impatient player leaving the lobby trying to find another (fuller) one. It's comical to see a player leave and get dumped right back into the same lobby. Then when you do manage to get into a game, some "legit" player sporting a near 3 KDR joins. Try to find another lobby? Good luck. At best it's 50-50. Most times you get dumped back into the same lobby no matter how long you wait.


                                  Because of all of this, I haven't played in a pub in about a month. I stick to Extinction and squads.


                                  Buy at your own risk!

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                                    Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                                    The game when running properly is good but the very bad spawning ie you will spawn strait in to a fire fight or near  their player at least 25% of the game and its dam annoying . Also I have found the better the system you have( I now  have a 780 ti and a i7  ) the more problems with the lag compensator making other players run up to 1/2 second faster (making them look like hackers ) .As for hackers it has not been to bad for aimboters but it is quite bad for hacks to see all the players on the map ( soz don't know the name for this hack ) . The maps are all good and some are better than Mw3 and the revamped ones  just bring back good memories.

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                                      Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                                      this is by far the worse cod game ever. i last turned it on in April to see how many people were one line.. then promptly deleted the horse manure from my pc. FAR CRY 3 is slow to start but gets very good. Assassins Creed 4 is very good. AC was getting very same old same old but for 4  WOW. i dont do  the multi players on these games so cant speak but the single player modes have at least 80 hours in them. £40 for 80 hours 50p an hour.... well worth ya money i wouldnt pay 50p for all of Ghosts and the map packs.

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                                        Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                                        When I originally bough the game on amazon.com I wrote a 4 star review. I thought it wasn't as bad as everyone was making it out to be, but I just went back and amended my review to 1 star, and I have also just posted negative feedback on steam and metacritic. This is what I put on amazon.com:


                                        The game is fun enough once you get it running smoothly on your PC, which can take a long time since every change to video settings requires a reload that takes around 1-2 minutes. I think the biggest problem is poor product support. For three days now I have been receiving the error unable to connect to online services whenever I try to play multiplayer. There are lots of other people who are having this problem right now, and there is 0 support to get it working again. Many of the people having this problem are getting VAC Bans (probably from the measures taken to troubleshoot the problem such as attempting to connect from another PC). The official word from IW is that all bans are final. So, you shell out so much $$ for the game, and even more if you bought the season pass like I did, then you put in all this time to get it running on your PC, then the game just stops working, so you try to do IW's job for them and troubleshoot the problem, and the thanks you get is a big 'No Soup for You.'


                                        For anyone thinking about buying this or ANY IW COD game since COD4:MW, I would strongly recommend that you check out these links and reconsider. It is undeniable that IW is intentionally sending out a great big FU message to anyone who wants to play on a PC. If you are new to COD, buy BO2, and just wait for the next Treyarch game in the franchise.










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                                          Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                                          I really do like Ghosts. I don't regret buying this game and Season Pass. All faults that I found are caused by dreadful support. Innocent players are being banned instead of true cheaters, spawn logic is poor, there are many other issues like broken optics bug but nobody is going to fix it. They just add new DLC to make more money. I hope that Advanced Warfare will be better 'cause it's being made by new for Call of Duty series developer.

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                                            Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                                            Avoid Call of Duty Ghosts!


                                            They ban innocent Customers and support only the Cheaters and Hackers!


                                            Activision disappointed me for the last time.


                                            Good luck with your new Title, I don't buy it and warn at this time, anyone buying COD Titles in the Future!

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                                              Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                                              Absolutely not. I am pissed at myself for buying this piece of a **** game that has 90% hackers, lag like ****, and get random bans. Don't waste your money on this bud.

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                                                  Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                                                  The game is on sale right in the steam summer sale for 29.99 (waaaay over priced for it's age and hacker factor). I also saw this game in target the other day for 60 bucks still AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


                                                  Unless the price drops to 5 bucks or less in the summer sale don't buy it... skip the next title too, it's going to be the same garbage, with negligibly different graphics. Do not be fooled people.

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                                                  Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                                                  Okay... I've got to kind of renege on why I said before. I was upset and I've had some time to calm down. So this game is clearly not designed with the PC in mind an the technical issues and random bans lately have been no joke, but when the game works, it is fun. If you like TDM you are rarely going to have to wait longer than 20 seconds for a game. I you want to play another game mode you might have to wait a little bit longer... I have pretty much given up on domination. Last few times I tried to play I waited 60 seconds+ and gave up and just played TDM instead. I haven't played a lot of COD, but I have COD4:MW and BO2+SeasonPass, and if I'm being objective I've  got to admit that they are technically better games, but these days when I am in a COD kind of mood I tend to go straight for Ghosts... maybe it's bc it feels weird when I mantle something and I don't see my hands or feet or maybe it's because the graphics are slightly better I dunno. Also... I can't tell the difference between people who are really good and people who are hacking. that honestly makes no difference to me. I've heard that in MW2 the hacking is so bad that hackers can take away your unlocks or reset your rank. I want to stay away from that, but if it's just a little aimbot or wall hacking I can live with that... I know I'm crazy, but I figure that machines will eventually overtake the earth and we will have to rise up and fight them, and they will probably all be using something like aimbot an wall hacks so I figure it's good practice. Anyway, I've never felt like COD for $60 and Season Pass for $50 is a good deal, but I am okay with $50-$55 for COD+SeasonPass. So when a new COD comes out I just watch amazon.com until the price drops. Physical disk copies usually cost less and still get adde to your steam library. I bought Ghosts for $22.50 and the Season Pass for $30 a few months ago. Even at that price I still think that they either need to support their product or open it up and let the community support it. But as long as it works, I think the game itself is pretty fun. The biggest problem is probably that not enough people play it.

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                                                      Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                                                      I made a very negative review of cod ghost at one point. this was in the first 3 months the game was out and was absolutely bad to play. Now ping/fps/drop issues been fixed. I revisited cod ghost around April this year and started enjoying it alot. It is the game i play the most at the moment. More then Starcraft or Quake or Counterstrike.


                                                      Besides there alot of deals on steam these days that make ghost availeble around 30 euro. I think its worth it now.


                                                      See below my old review.




                                                      As a competive gamer that played alot of FPS and have played in about 50 lans over the years i thought to give cod ghost a chance. I have played alot of Q1 Q3a quakelive but also warcraft 2 starcraft and starcraft 2.So is cod ghost a game that can be used in esport. Quite simply my answer is no.

                                                      What reasons?

                                                      1. the game doenst seem to be in real time. What i mean is i shoot at people i see myself shoot 3-4 times. I die, In the kill cam i do not get one shot of. There a a few vods on youtube demonstrating this. That player a see opponent for 12 frames and wins. player b only has 5 frames and dies while they are in direct vision with each other. Can you imagine quakecon finals Evil vs Rapha and the game is not in sync? Its unbelieveble that this is possible never had this with other fps games. There even vods on youtube where you look one direction. Suddenly opponent appears not around the corner but already 2-3-4 meter in open sight. While you are focused on looking at that corner.

                                                      2. No ping, you have a clanwar lets say you equal to each other but you cannot check if a server has fair ping. No point in playing ping matters. even in public with the random changing of servers one game you go 40-1 next game you go 20-10 cause ping changed.

                                                      3. FPS no way to measure fps or to go above fixed amount. Discussed quite alot on the forums. Its widely accepted in quake community that 125 fps constant is a standard for proper play.

                                                      4. I have a computer where I spend 2700 euro on. Top of the line. I can play with max settings. But you do not want to play with max settings as its very hard to see your opponent then. You are forced to use low settings in order to make it playeble.

                                                      5. Rushing in this game is possible vs noobs but vs equal opponents you die easy defenders bonus is huge.

                                                      6. Every weapon so strong you die very fast. if first 3 points where no issue maybe this would be okay but with al the issues its makes the gameplay bad and frustating.

                                                      7.You cannot spectate a game you will be kicked for being idle. after about 1 min.

                                                      8. Community not able to make there own maps. I even got e-mail for IW saying they made new cool maps please pay 16 euro and you have 3 extra map possible to play in multiplayer. I mean WTF? IW you serious?

                                                      9. Game is designed for Consule there is a sort of skill cap that is reached fast. very beginner friendly perhaps explain populairty?

                                                      10. 65 fixed fov. just LOL. you need to download a 3rd party program to get bigger fov how uniteresed in esports most IW be to do this?

                                                      11. Auto joining severs. And auto rejoining other servers while playing. I want to be able to scroll in what server to join. I want to see ping and i want to see what players on that server are they any good or not? quakelive has such a good function for this.

                                                      12. I loved it when playing i could go to spec mode. I find someone better then myself. I like to see how he plays usually duels but also could be tdm or ca i spec and look how he plays see what decision he makes. not a possibility in cod ghost.

                                                      13. Dieing doenst give you a disadvandtedge in the game you just spawn with full health and full ammo and your primary weapon. there is no farming of weapons or armor in the game. Ofcourse this is a cod ghost and makes it more noob friendly. I remember how much you had to play in team games in my old q1 and q3 clans to lock down a map properly control the main weapons control the armors. Know where the spawns are it was magic when you locked map down and went on kill spree. Opponent really had to play smart and take over area's one by one to get back in the game.

                                                      14. No duel. But in cod whats the point to it. without any of the farming element.

                                                      15. Is it me only or do bullets make no sense. I can stand behind stone wall and bullets pass. I stand behind a tree and bullets cannot pass. It seems very random in how bullets penetrate wall elements. On top of this the same wall in an other map bullets dont go trough so this should be standardisded.

                                                      16. Cheaters my god there alot of them. There players i reported 3 weeks ago that i see shooting trough 3 buildings on far side of the map killing people. Going 60-0 in a TDM match having K/D ratios of 30+ I reported these people as there is a function in there you can do it what i thought was really cool. 3 weeks later i see the same person still doing it being in top 100 of the ladder by now. IW doenst seem to do anything with the reports.

                                                      17. Connectivity issues. Sometimes you can play 4 hours not disconnects. Then suddenly 1 or 2 hours longs you just disconnect after playing a minute or so in the game.Is the game fun to play?I thought it was fun for about the first 100 hours of multiplayer till above issues where clear to me and started to anoy me to much to enjoy the game. I think IW should look how to make a proper FPS game and look at ID Software and creators of half life.Anyways i am back to playing starcraft 2 and quakelive. I hope there is a game devolper out there willing to make a new proper FPS game that is fast paced like quake. Designed with the goal of multiplayer and esports.

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                                                      Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                                                      Absolutely ******* not! This game is dead. DEAD. I'll admit things have smoothed out and hackers are fewer but it's too little too late and you will not have ANY FUN playing this game.

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                                                        Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                                                        Even if it did improve since launch, which is slightly has. Number of people playing are so low, no point in paying full price for an almost completely dead game.

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                                                          Re: Is Ghosts worth buying after all the patches to date?

                                                          Hell no it's still not worth buying even if it was on £1 it would not be worth buying.


                                                          I have just been playing for 43 minutes and it lagged and stuttered the whole time and my system should easily be maxing this game out with no stutter at all.


                                                          A overclocked 3930k and 780Ti SLI should have no worries but it struggles to play the game.


                                                          As soon as I the videos has converted and uploaded then I will post them here.

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