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    split screen microphone

      sorry if this has already been asked, i couldnt find the info.

      we play split screen online and have 2 mics plugged in, 1 to each controller.

      player 1 can only here the online speach player 2 hears nothing.


      is it possible both players can hear and speak to other online gamers in the game we are playing?


      currently... the only way to do this is to add all friends to party and start game that way.

      but we both wish to talk online to the gamers we meet rather than this being limited to 1 controller.


      thanks for any advice

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          Re: split screen microphone

          The group chat is the only way I know of as well.  I'd be curious to know as well if anyone has found a way to make it work outside of PSN private voice chat.

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            Re: split screen microphone

            I've only ever been able to route sound through one source. If you have a mic other than the default mic sent to everyone by Sony, I'd say to check on their website for specific setup instructions in order to possibly get the issue resolved. If you do have the default mic, try doing the setup for your first mic for the other mic on its corresponding controller.


            I hope this helps in some way.

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