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    ~~~US--UK 360 Based~~~ Elite Legends Gaming lvl 23 Platinum Division Recruiting ACTIVE Members


      Website: elitelegendsgaming.us/

      Founded in January 2012 in COD MW3 with one goal in mind of True Sportsmanship community. We re-established in January 2014 to COD Ghost with a goal of bringing back a True Sportsmanship Gaming atmosphere. Elite Legends Gaming is a level 23 Platinum Division Clan located exclusively on the Xbox 360  that emphasizes fun, competition, and maturity. We are composed of a diverse group of individuals that believe in True Sportsmanship.

      We are actively involved in Clan Wars, soon Game Battles, which all members are both welcome and encouraged to participate in.




      What are our requirements to join ELG?

      1. Have a 1.00 K/D and higher. NO exceptions.


      2. Must be 18 and over adult. Maturity is a Must! No exceptions.


      3. Must Be Active! Play 15+ hours a week. Must be ACTIVE during clan wars. No exceptions! We have a play to stay policy.

      4. As a member, you must always wear  ~ ELG ~ Elite Legends Gaming in your clan tag. Repeated failure to wear the clan tag will result in rejection, unless other wise told by staff to take it off.


      5. Play with our members as often as possible. That's not to say that you can't play with anyone else, but why join the clan if you never play with us?


      6. Meet the required kill/death ratio and 150 + hours of game play.


      7. Must have and use a mic. If you don't have one, you'll be given a two week grace period to acquire a mic or you will be removed as a member.Communication is a plus during clan wars, game battles and tournaments for using callouts!


      8. You must add ALL ELG members to your friends list as soon as possible so everyone knows who's online to play ect. .


      9. We have a no tolerance policy for boosting/hacking, flaming, racism and intolerance.


      10. No fighting, yelling and cursing through mic for everyone to here, no hot heades, no bad attitudes, freeloaders, clan hoppers and NO DRAMA! Not allowed here end of story!

      Contact one of us below!

      For North America XBOX 360 Players:


      XBL @: KcMaverick1  -  Clan Founder
      dude0009 -  Lt. Commander
        Dope orN0pe -  Lt. Commander (away vacation )




      For UK XBOX 360 Players :


      XBL @: xMr RoBertSoNx  -  Lt. Commander




      Clan stats:


      - Level: 23

      - Division: Platinum

      - Clan K/D: 1.23


      - Clan Win %: 53


      - Members: 9




      Something for everyone (both casual and competitive players will find plenty of opportunities for fun and competition in ELG)