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    Getting rid of snipers completely?

           Imagine, just for a minute, a Call of Duty without snipers. Without all of the various kinds of snipers, regardless of whether they are camping, going for FaZe clips, or even lag switching. How great would that be?


           This would be a huge step for the community and will unfortunately probably never happen unless the franchise enters a stage more critical than Ghosts.


           Sniping is an overly idealistic concept that aims to have a SMALL AMOUNT (not everyone on the team) of skilled players providing overwatch for the rest of the team. Now it just consists of a bunch of low life losers who have nothing better to do then meet up with a clan and ruin everyones day by either hiding the entire game (Ghosts) or tactical inserting and quickscoping their way into ruining the entire game (Black Ops 2 and MW3).


      I'd be curious to hear the rest of the community's input but please don't hate and swear or whatever as it's only an idea

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          1. Re: Getting rid of snipers completely?

          I can never imagine Call of Duty without snipers. That is like having COD without assault rifles.

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            2. Re: Getting rid of snipers completely?

            yhea Snipers add nothing of value to core. They are all either quick scope tryhards or campers. There is no middle ground.

            I feel the marksmen class is Sniper enough for core.

            Snipers should get there own game type where they can quickscope each other till their little hearts are content instead of polluting core for the rest of us.

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              3. Re: Getting rid of snipers completely?

              You addressed snipers in core, which I agree, totally worthless in a realistic match setting 90% of the time. However, in Hardcore, they are actually viable considering they are OHK from any distance at any angle and with AP, through most any wall or object. Rather than their own gametype, which would be utterly pointless because two teams aren't going to just snipe each other.. no game would ever finish.. ever.. if they'd say just make Sniper Rifles usable in Hardcore modes only then I think half the problems Core players would up and go away.


              You don't play Core for a true battle experience, you play Hardcore for that (or at least as close to that as this franchise could ever get), and a Sniper shot being anything but a OHK is utterly unrealistic on any level.

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                4. Re: Getting rid of snipers completely?

                Fix the autoaim. There's no reason that snipers have 90 degree angle autoaim the second they start the ADS animation. Sniping in Ghosts is so easy yet they say they remove it. So many bad players just get stupid kills where they're not even close to aiming at me. They need to make snipers like Black Ops 1 and BAN them from using quickdraw.

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                  5. Re: Getting rid of snipers completely?

                  Are you implying that it is difficult to quickscope in ghosts? LOL sniping in ghosts is very easy. The USR is borderline OP. I would know because I have three guile suits. Honestly, I don't know what you are expecting. In comparison to Black Ops 2, the snipers are more fair. It's never going to be completely realistic.

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                    6. Re: Getting rid of snipers completely?

                    Exactly! Marksman rifles would provide snipers a reasonable vice and also allow them to be a little bit more mobile (without them becoming close quarters weapons like sniping in BO2)

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                      7. Re: Getting rid of snipers completely?

                      Yea but i think that the bigger issue is not the damage but instead, the amount of annoyances they add to the game, such as them being able to zoom in and quickscope to the point where a sniper becomes a shotgun, or where they're practically invisible with their ghillie suits on maps like prison break..


                      The damage obviously needs to stay high so that a strategical and skillful sniper does get rewarded.. just the auto aim and the aim down sights needs to be reduced, and they should be easier to see

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                        8. Re: Getting rid of snipers completely?

                        Yea but it shouldn't be like that you know? Like snipers should be a specialty thing that only some players do.. They shouldn't be as essential to a game as assault rifles are, but unfortunately it seems its becoming that way..

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                          9. Re: Getting rid of snipers completely?

                          But here's the thing, that's the POINT of a sniper - to cause you a headache and to not be seen doing it.


                          Now this just comes off as "snipers annoy me" and goes right into the can with "f*ck campers, they tick me off".. they aren't going to change the game to the point where snipers are the same as rushers just to suit you, they will always have snipers and they will always be annoying at times when you want to cross a lane and, well, sorry - he's got it locked completely down.. find a new route.


                          The ADS is dramatically reduced already, but Quickdraw exists for everyone, not just snipers. No point in complaining about that. And aim-assist (not at all remotely fictionally close to auto-aim) exists for everyone, so again, no advantage gained.

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