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    I need a Xbox 360 Clan

      Im tired of "clan hopping" and playing with amateurs. All in all, I have been in 12-15 clans since the BO2 days. Every single one was terrible. I'm looking for clan that actually cares and knows how to play COD.


      My Stats:


      Prestige: 6

      Level: 16

      K/D: 1.96

      W/L: 53%

      I have a mic

      Can do callouts

      Specialized Gamemodes: Domination, SnR ( willing to play other modes too, but these are the ones I'm best at )


      Very good with assualt rifles and SMGs ( for SMGs I do very fast rushing ), pretty good sniper.

      Team-player - Especially in SnR, I dont bait friendly tags, I go for revives at the cost of my own life.

      Owned DLC: Onslaught, I plan to download Devastation tom., I plan for all the Map Packs

      Im on fairly regular, but my schedule will change in the upcoming weeks. I cannot play at night.



      What Im looking for:


      Gold Division or higher - a Clan who goes for rewards

      25+ members   -  a large clan   ( My current clan has me and one other person, people started quitting )

      17+ years of age   ( please, absolutely no squeakers; no explanation needed )

      Friendly and willing to team up.

      Most of the clan has Prestige'd once   ( many clans hire people who played once and never kickem )


      If any of these things are of interest, contact my GT: Shadowelite555 and the forum.