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    Xiled Gaming Network is recruiting! (360)

      XGN Faith is looking to grow once again from splitting from reaching max amount of players. XGN is a community clan with 27000+ members and we want to keep growing as a friendly gaming community. Requirements for joining DoH FAITH are as follows:


      15+ years of age


      Black ops 2


      and more that will be discussed

      in recruitment.


      If also like to play ghosts you can see me (XGN Blackjack) about that as I have a team that plays ghosts but for meetings and practice you are required to own Black ops 2 or you CANNOT be recruited into XGN DoH FAITH and most other divisions in XGN. We support everyone in XGN as a family and will make you feel at home. If you are interested in joining FAITH send me a message and add me on XBL on the 360  for recruitment. We would love to have you. Thanks!


      -XGN Blackjack