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    New relics on solo

      So i made this thread speciffically to ask how the solo players across the platforms are doing with new relics, its kinda sad that many of us spend countless of hours trying to get that top 10 and some of us world recs just so in the end well get screwed but it dont matter. What r ur setups, what you prefer, do you already have maxed scores on your console? how is the Hc runs? how are regular runs? I did 8 relics first try on poc, 7 relics hc. Attempted 9 relics regular twice died within seconds on escape (3deaths). I know 8 hc relic is possible and quick from ps4 will prolly get it soon and maybe quiet_man. Whatr ur top scores so far across platforms? Lets discuss, maybe we can also review the rate/review the relics for lower level players.

      ps4 highest poc solo is 9 relic so far 700k, hc 7 r 737k

      nf, 500 thinkduno relic, hc is 3 rel lol 300 score

      mayday was 680 ? 8 rel, hc above it dunno.

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          Re: New relics on solo

          They've definitely raised the max scores.


          I haven't attempted 9, but completed 8 relics first attempt on POC. It's weird how the escape is what causes you to down, not the actual play through which kinda sucked for me. It's the Stand Your Ground relic that causes me to down on the escape.

          XrylanXscottX got a 9 relic run on 360 but I think he's the only one so far. Actually, Rylan if you read this, were your 3 downs on the escape?


          I got the first 5+ relic run on Awakening with the world record recently, and just completed with 7 relics half an hour ago. Definitely a hard map solo, no Rhino spawns, but usually 3 phantoms every hive, and scorpions are relentless. Nightfall is still probably harder, but that's only because of the breeder fight at the end.


          Haven't attempted Mayday 8-9 relics yet, but probably will soon.


          One thing I've noticed with the new relics is that drill protection and personal skill is the 'be all end all'. 360 leaderboards are all messed up because many are trying WAY too many relics based on their skill. It's funny seeing a 6 relic player beat the score of an 8-9 purely because he had an awesome drill protection and personal skill. I like this but, It really brings out who really is the better player.

          With the new relics, it brings more variety and I'm sure many will benefit. Everyone kept getting the same scores with 5 relic runs, and it got annoying restarting a game on the 13th hive just because the drill got down only 5 health, ruining your chance of getting that one extra place on the leaderboards. The scores were way too close, but now, score players have bigger chances of getting up that place if they get a good game, if that makes sense.

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              Re: New relics on solo

              im sure he died on the escape, u 360 guys have a benefit tho, u already got the upgrade NO SNARE, ita probably the most useful thing for 9 relic solo. im suprised more people dont try 9 relic solo on maps like nf or mayday as it requires no escape therfore slowdown is not really an issue?

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                  Re: New relics on solo

                  No he only had 3 downs, he escaped.


                  But just a heads-up, NO SNARE isn't as good as you think for 8-9 relics on Point Of Contact because you already move to slowly with 'Stand Your Ground' relic. It does help for just generally playing, but on the escape I don't find it helps as much. Still, other than 'Hypno a Rhino' it is the best upgrade they've released yet.

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                    Re: New relics on solo

                    No one has finished Nightfall yet with 6+ relics which is really weird. Some have done Mayday 8 relics but no 9's yet. Max on Awakening so far is 7.

                    Stand Your Ground makes you feel weak, but when I think about it, as you said, t isn't much of an issue.

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                        Re: New relics on solo

                        no i ment his 3 deaths prolly came during the escape, theres really no strategy for 9 relic escape except just run zig zagz and try to get thru as many corners as possible to delay the attack of the enemy, whats also not fair u suddenly get 2 rhinos each meteor which sucks major. I died on two escapes with 9 relics so far, and just because i tried to rush thru the meteor, but the thing is u will not get platinum no matter what, so even if u escape with 10 sec left its still a great accomplishment. i tried PT yesterday, but i failed but i think PT will help alot more than GT on th escape. Need more time to explore the possibilities. and wait for other people try different things.

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                    Re: New relics on solo

                    as you know i started playing solo about 2 weeks ago..

                    i had no problem Poc 7 relics ( 5 old relics + fragile + limited ammo)

                    with 8 relics i tried 3 or 4 loadouts but haven't beat it yet.

                    my best try is :  ( 5 old relics + fragile+ limited ammo + earn your keep ) but stupidly got 3 downs during the final run because i was out of ammos ( 1 down at hive 11 ) and didn't escape.. but hope to do it soon.

                    this relics' choice is good  for me at least for POC as it helps a lot for the final run. i tried some variants (like 5 old relics +fragile +limited ammo + stand your ground ) but i think it feets better for map like mayday

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