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      W!LD BOYZ is now looking for new members.



      Hi, I'm the leader of W!LD BOYZ and I'm looking to recruit new members. My clan was just recently started, but has grown a lot within the past few weeks. We currently have 16 active members and placed first in GOLD division in the last clan war. I run a drama free clan. I'm not the type of commander that's going to tell you who to play with and what game mode to play, all i ask is if possible try to play with at least one other member from the clan to earn xp to level up, and help out during clan wars.








      1.40+ k/d


      55+ win%


      headet is helpful but not required.



      Lt. commander


      2.00 + k/d


      65% win




      call of duty ghost app






      Also recruiting someone with a capture card.


      If you have a capture card and are willing to put in the time and effort to record and edit gameplay for the clans youtube page then your k/d and win/loss wont matter.



      Also looking to recruit LT. Commanders from Xbox 360, PS3, and Xbox one to help recruit members to expand the clan from being ps4 only.




      TO APPLY:


      message me on psn: uR_MoMs_SicK_VaG

      Apply on ghost app

      or kik me at scott_e2g